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Kawasaki Motorcycle Battery

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Kawasaki Motorcycle Battery Replacement

When it's time to ride, it's time to ride. You don't want to hop on your bike to find out that the battery is dead and miss out on the open road. Batteries Plus has an extensive selection of batteries for all Kawasaki motorcycles including the Ninja, Vulcan and many more. We carry some of the most well-known motorcycle batteries on the market such as Duracell, Extreme and our own premium brand X2Power.

From flooded Xtreme batteries to Duracell AGM and X2Power lithium batteries, you'll find a battery for every power demand that your motorcycle has at your local Batteries Plus. Need new headlights for your bike? We have you covered there too with our extensive selection of motorcycle headlight bulbs.

Kawasaki Motorcycle FAQs

The cost of a new battery for your Kawasaki will vary depending on the year, make and model of your motorcycle. Generally, new motorcycle batteries will run from $99.99 for an Xtreme flooded up to $169.99 for an X2Power lithium battery.

Battery sizes will vary depending on your model of Kawasaki. Some common battery sizes you will find in Kawasaki motorcycles are the 12-BS, 12A-BS and the 9-BS.

Motorcycle batteries will generally have a lifetime of 2-5 years but this will greatly vary on its use and maintenance. To extend the life of your battery, stick to a routine maintenance schedule to check and clean any corrosion, test the battery's power output and for conventional flooded batteries check the electrolyte levels.

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