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Honda Motorcycle Battery

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Honda Motorcycle Battery Replacement

Batteries Plus has the best replacement batteries for your Honda motorcycle. We carry batteries for an enormous range of Honda bikes, including favorites like the NR750x, the Honda Rebel and the Honda CBR 900RR. We carry some of the most respected motorcycle batteries on the market such as Extreme, Duracell and our exclusive brand X2Power.

You'll find different battery types perfect for any type of rider. Batteries Plus carries standard flooded batteries for Honda bikes in a variety of sizes. You'll also find high-performance AGM Honda batteries, which feature longer lifespans and faster recharge times. If you're looking for the best battery for your Honda bike, be sure to check out our X2Power brand lithium batteries. Lithium batteries last longer than both flooded and AGM options with lifespans of up to 2,000 cycles. They're also much lighter and charge much faster than lead acid batteries. Lithium batteries also feature the lowest self-discharge rate of any motorcycle batteries. That means you probably won’t have to charge your lithium battery during the off-season.

Honda Motorcycle FAQs

An X2Power lithium battery is the best battery for a Honda motorcycle. A lithium battery will last longer than any other motorcycle battery. Lithium batteries are also lighter, recharge faster and have a lower self-discharge rate than any other Honda replacement battery.

Yes, a 12V battery is standard in most motorcycles by Honda and other manufacturers. Just be sure that the battery you purchase is a powersport battery and not an auto battery. Auto batteries are stronger than motorcycle batteries and can potentially damage your motorcycle's electrical systems.

There are many signs of a bad Honda motorcycle battery. If you have a hard time turning over your Honda's engine or your battery won't hold a charge, the battery probably needs to be replaced. On average, a motorcycle battery lasts between 2 and 5 years. If your battery is older than that, you should have it checked. Batteries Plus tests Honda motorcycle batteries for free. Just stop into your nearest Batteries Plus location.

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