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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Battery

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Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Battery Replacement

Harley-Davidson motorcycles are the bike of choice for so many Americans, and hog owners take motorcycle maintenance VERY seriously. If you need a new battery for your Harley, Batteries Plus is your motorcycle battery destination. If you're riding a Street 750, Harley 48 or a Sportster 1200, the best battery for your bike is as close as your nearest Batteries Plus. In fact, no matter which Harley-Davidson motorcycle you call your own, be it a Sport, Cruiser, Touring Bike or Trike, our in-store experts will direct you toward the battery that's best for you. Or, use our easy Harley-Davidson battery finder on our website.

Of course you're wondering, "Does it matter what kind of battery I put in my motorcycle?" Yes, it does. So which motorcycle battery is best? The right replacement battery for your Harley-Davidson motorcycle will meet or beat the original equipment specifications for three things: cold cranking amps (CCA), reserve capacity (RC) and amp hours (Ah). The CCA rating determines the battery's ability to start in cold weather. RC lets us know how long a new, fully charged battery can hold its charge. Ah tells us how much amperage a battery can provide for one hour. Great brand name batteries for Harley-Davidson motorcycles are Duracell Ultra (up to a 24-month warranty), Xtreme (up to a 12-month warranty), and for premium performance, X2Power lithium batteries (36-month warranty), found exclusively at Batteries Plus. Our experts have been asked whether a Harley can run without a battery. While you can remove a battery after your bike is started and it'll run until you turn it off, this should only be done in emergency situations. Make sure to have a replacement battery installed asap. When you have a battery replaced at Batteries Plus, free installation is included at most locations.

A new Harley battery should last between 3-5 years. Your replacement motorcycle battery should be a 12-volt battery and have a minimum of 300 CCAs. To keep the battery at peak working performance, there are a few steps to take. First, make sure you're taking longer trips. Riding for short distances can be harmful to your battery. And also, maintain the charge on your battery. You definitely want to invest in a charger that's specifically designed for motorcycle batteries, and you'll want one that uses smart charging technology. That means you can leave your battery connected to the charger and deliver only what is needed to maintain the battery at a full charge. Don't forget that Batteries Plus offers free battery testing, too.

When choosing a motorcycle battery, your choices include either flooded, AGM or lithium chemistries. Flooded batteries are the least expensive and they do require some maintenance. AGM batteries, a more popular choice as they meet or exceed original equipment specifications. Each AGM battery at Batteries Plus features a durable, high-vibration resistant casing, which is especially ideal for motorcycles. Lithium batteries are the highest in price point, but have quite a few unique features. X2Power lithium batteries are the most lightweight, the safest and fastest motorcycle batteries available. They're also maintenance-free and hold a charge even when in storage.

Harley-Davidson Motorcycle FAQs

A Harley-Davidson motorcycle requires a 12V battery with a minimum of 300 CCAs. Batteries Plus offers a great selection of flooded, AGM and lithium motorcycle batteries.

A battery in a Harley typically lasts up to 5 years, depending on a number of factors like travel time and distance, the number of accessories the battery powers and off-season battery care.

Batteries Plus offers Duracell Ultra, Xtreme and X2Power flooded, AGM and lithium motorcycle batteries for Harleys and other motorcycles.

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