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BMW Motorcycle Battery

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BMW Motorcycle Battery Replacement

If you're a motorcycle enthusiast, check out our selection of top-performing powersport batteries for your BMW Motorrad motorcycle. We have replacement battery options for BMW Sport bikes like the S 1000 RR and Tour models like the K 1600 GTL and K 1600 GT. Need a replacement battery for your BMW Roadster? We carry plenty of replacement options for your S 1000 R and F 900 R. Plus, you'll find additional replacement batteries for Adventure bikes like the R 1250 GS and S 1000 XR.

We have multiple BMW motorcycle battery types available to fit your riding needs. If you're looking for a traditional flooded motorcycle battery, you'll find plenty of options. Looking to upgrade your BMW bike's performance? Consider investing in an AGM option. Our Duracell and Xtreme AGM motorcycle batteries feature longer lifespans, faster charging times and do a better job of standing up to extreme temperatures and vibrations. If your bike is currently using an AGM battery, it's important that you do not downgrade to a flooded battery.

If you're looking for the best battery available for your BMW motorcycle, pick up one of our X2Power lithium batteries. Due to their high-temperature tolerance, lithium batteries can last up to 4x longer than a traditional motorcycle battery. They're also lighter, safer and charge much faster than both flooded and AGM motorcycle batteries.

Plus, X2Power lithium batteries have a very low self-discharge rate, which means they can be stored for long periods of time without losing their charge. Keep in mind that not all motorcycles are compatible with lithium batteries, so be sure to check whether your model BMW motorcycle accepts a lithium option, prior to purchasing one.

Batteries Plus also carries a variety of additional motorcycle accessories both online and at your nearest location. Shop our selection of motorcycle headlight bulbs and motorcycle chargers. You'll also find plenty of additional information in our Motorcycle Battery Buying Guide.

BMW Motorcycle FAQs

BMW motorcycles do not require a special battery. Like all motorcycles, modern BMW bikes rely on 12-volt powersport batteries. Some older models may require a 6-volt battery. Your owner's manual can tell you the correct voltage and size designation that your motorcycle requires. You'll also want to determine whether your BMW motorcycle requires a specific type of chemistry. For instance, some BMW bikes may require an AGM battery, while others may not accept a lithium battery.

X2Power lithium batteries are the best battery for your BMW motorcycle. An X2Power battery will last roughly 4 times faster than other motorcycle batteries and will charge up to 2 times faster. X2Power batteries are also lighter and have very low self-discharge rates. Keep in mind that not all motorcycles are compatible with lithium batteries. Be sure to verify that your model BMW motorcycle accepts lithium batteries prior to purchase.

Modern BMW motorcycles require a 12-volt powersport battery, although some older model motorcycles may require a 6-volt battery. There are several different battery chemistries available for motorcycles, including flooded, AGM and lithium. Some motorcycle models have specific battery requirements. When replacing the battery in your BMW bike, you'll want to check whether your model requires a specific battery chemistry.

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