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Infiniti Car and Truck Battery

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Looking for a new battery for your Infiniti? We've got you. Batteries Plus is your Infiniti battery replacement headquarters  . Whether you're driving a sedan, like the Infiniti G35, G37, Q50 or Q60, or one of the crossovers or SUVs like the Infiniti QX50, QX55, QX60 or QX80, the right battery is as close as your nearest Batteries Plus. Our store locator can direct you.

Not sure if you need a new battery? Batteries Plus will test your Infiniti battery for free   & we will be able to tell immediately whether everything is fine, or you're in the market for a replacement battery, or if there's something else wrong with your car. Car & truck batteries tend to last minimally three years, and upwards of five years. Many factors come into play, however. Things like your driving habits, the climate where you live, and even your maintenance habits all play a part. There are also ways to prolong the life of your Infiniti battery. Our blogs, "5 Car Battery Maintenance Tips for Summer Weather  " and "How to Prevent Winter Wear on your Car Battery  " can shed some light on that.

Once you figure out that you need a new battery, how do you install it? We've got you there, too. Batteries Plus offers free battery installation (on most vehicles at most locations) on any car or truck battery purchases. To make it even easier, you can schedule your arrival time online   and our technicians will take care of your battery replacement for you. And afterward, they'll even recycle your old battery.

But which battery is the right battery for your Infiniti? The answer will depend on which model you drive, your driving habits and your climate. You may also be loyal to one brand or another  , or one chemistry or another  . That said, if you're just not sure which battery is the right battery, our experts are here to help.

In addition to Infiniti batteries, Batteries Plus offers myriad other products and services to help care for your car. In addition to interior and exterior bulbs, windshield wipers, car cleaning accessories and phone charging cables, you'll find an array of Infiniti key fob services. Need a new fob? A new fob battery? Key fob programming for your Infiniti? We'll take care of it quickly, and for less than what a dealership would charge.

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