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Summer Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Summer Car Battery Maintenance Tips


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When people think about weather related battery problems, they almost always imagine their car not starting in the winter. But in reality, summer heat is also a battery killer.

Intense heat can speed up the chemical reaction inside a car battery, causing an increase in self discharge and plate corrosion. This can lead to crystals forming on the battery plates and ruining the battery.

Heat is unavoidable, but you can help protect your car battery in the summer by parking it in a garage or other shady area. You can also use a trickle charger like this one to help offset the drain from high temperatures.

The other thing to look for during the summer is corroded battery terminals. Corroded terminals, like these, can limit your battery power and eventually keep your car from starting. You can often clean corroded terminals using a commercial battery terminal cleaner. Then, apply a terminal protection spray to prevent any re-occurrence. For more severe corrosion, we suggest letting the professionals handle it.

I’m Chris from Batteries Plus Bulbs, thanks for watching.