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Summer Car Battery Maintenance Tips

Power - by Rachael Maloney - updated on 7/3/2018

Most of us love summer; unfortunately, our batteries don't share that same sentiment. Intense summer heat can wreak havoc on your car or truck battery by speeding up the chemical reaction that occurs inside, causing an increase in self-discharge & plate corrosion. This eventually leads to sulfation (crystals forming on the battery plates) and the battery becoming unrecoverable. Here are a few car battery maintenance tips to avoid heat damage to your battery.

Park in the Shade

A great way to better maintain your battery is by taking simple measures such as parking your vehicle in a garage or an area where there is some sort of shade. When you leave your car in direct sunlight the hood quickly heats up and expedites heat damage.

Clean Your Battery Terminals

Corrosion on your battery's terminals impede current flow, make battery replacement more difficult, and can put you at risk for needing terminal replacements. Terminal protectors and an anti-corrosion spray are great for preventing this. We recommend you regularly check your terminals year round.

Trickle Charge Your Battery

The use of a trickle charger with a maintainer throughout the summer months can help to offset the drain from high temperatures.

Choose a Replacement Wisely

When choosing a replacement battery, we recommend Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) types, as they are better than flooded batteries at preventing the buildup of sulfation.

Bring it to the Experts

If you have questions about the condition of your car or truck battery, or are in need of car battery maintenance, visit your local store for a free battery test and systems check. Let our trained, knowledgeable staff members test your battery and diagnose the problem – no appointment necessary.