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Motorcycle Batteries - Brands

From city streets to open highways, high-speed adventure calls for power you can count on. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we offer the best motorcycle battery selection with a variety of options to fit your bike. Choose from high-performance AGM, Xtreme AGM and conventional flooded batteries for reliable, long-lasting power.

Motorcycle Battery Finder

Choosing the Right Motorcycle Battery

With a selection designed to meet or beat original equipment specifications for cold cranking amps (CCA), reserve capacity (RC) and amp hour (Ah), you get the motorcycle battery you need for your next cruise on the open road. When searching for replacement motorcycle batteries, the best fit depends on your bike model and riding habits.

High-Performance AGM

Only available at Batteries Plus Bulbs, the Duracell® Ultra AGM battery offers leading-edge technology designed to provide extreme power with long-lasting quality:

  • Maintenance-free. Spill-free, sealed design eliminates leakage.
  • Lasts longer. Superior vibration and heat resistance prolongs lifespan.
  • Easy to install. Top and front mount threaded terminals make installation simple.
  • Reserve capacity. Pure calcium lead plates improve ability to power accessories.
  • Increased cranking power. Thin plate design provides more starting power.

We're so confident in the power of Duracell® Ultra that we include a 24-month nationwide replacement warranty.

Xtreme AGM

Like our high-performance AGM, the Xtreme features a sealed design for spill-free power. The vibration resistance makes it a reliable choice for bumpy terrain, so you can ride without worry. Each Xtreme AGM includes our 12-month nationwide guarantee.

Conventional flooded

The classic 12V motorcycle battery, the flooded lead acid design offers a reliable, low-maintenance option. You get a trustworthy flexible temperature operation range for long trips and you can even add an extra electrolyte for a little more power. Your conventional flooded battery comes protected by our 6-month nationwide guarantee.


A lithium motorcycle battery offers a lightweight alternative to classic lead acid designs. Browse high-performance options for a new way to power your motorcycle.

Still not sure which motorcycle battery makes the best choice for your ride? Learn more about our powersport battery types, and enter your make and model into our Motorcycle Battery Finder for the available options that fit your bike.

How to Maintain Your Motorcycle Battery

Regular maintenance is the best way to extend the life and run-time of your motorcycle battery. Follow a few simple tips to keep your battery running smoothly.

  • Maintain a charge. Storing the battery in a discharged state will shorten its lifespan. Instead, plug it into a motorcycle battery charger so that your battery stays ready to go.
  • Remember off-season maintenance. Even when you're not using it, it's important to care for your motorcycle battery. Bring it to any Batteries Plus Bulbs location and one of our experts would be happy to help you with a free battery test.

Reliable Motorcycle Bulbs and Batteries

When you're out on a long trip, it's essential that every part of your motorcycle is trustworthy – that's why we offer more than just the best motorcycle batteries. Our wide selection of motorcycle light bulbs gives you the visibility you need, anywhere you go. Shop a range of bulb color and life, with quality replacements that will meet or beat the original equipment.

How to Recycle Your Motorcycle Battery

We're proud to go beyond selling you batteries by offering a safe and convenient location to recycle your used batteries and bulbs. Each of our store locations provides a one-stop shop for all your battery needs, with a selection of replacement bulbs and a safe drop-off point for your old ones. Check out our recycling program to learn more about all the types of bulbs and batteries we accept.