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Keep your day on the course running smoothly with replacement golf cart batteries that fit your needs. Choose from 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt golf cart batteries to find the perfect power level. With our selection of AGM, gel and conventional lead acid designs, Batteries Plus Bulbs makes it easy to find golf cart batteries for personal and commercial use.

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Choosing the Right Golf Cart Battery

If your golf cart is fighting to reach the 18th hole, it might be time to start shopping for a replacement golf cart battery. Depending upon the voltage of your cart or carts, you'll use 12-volt, 8-volt or 6-volt golf cart batteries. All electric golf carts run on deep cycle batteries, which feature long charge and discharge cycles for reliable, sustained power.

Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a wide selection of deep cycle batteries to choose from, including AGM, gel and flooded lead acid models. Advanced AGM and gel types offer a spill-proof design, which gives you extra durability for long hours or bumpy courses.

Whether you’re looking for a single battery for your personal golf cart or you manage many carts at a golf club and need multiple batteries, simply choose the make and model, and our Golf Cart Battery Finder will guide you to the best options.

Golf Cart Battery Maintenance

Traverse the course with full power every time by following a few simple maintenance techniques for your golf cart battery. Deep cycle batteries perform their best when a charge is maintained. To avoid an out-of-commission cart, buy a golf cart charger to keep your battery at full power.

We carry chargers that fit 12-volt, 6-volt and 8-volt golf cart batteries. For busy golf courses, we include models that can charge multiple golf cart batteries at the same time. Explore our range of golf cart chargers to find the perfect fit for your model and needs.

Recycling Your Used Golf Cart Battery

Once you're set up with the perfect replacement battery, it's time to find a home for the old one. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we're committed to protecting the environment by providing a safe disposal point for used batteries and bulbs. Each of our locations offers a drop-off space for recycling your used golf cart batteries, as well as recycling for a selection of other battery types. Whether you need to get rid of one cart battery or a full fleet, our recycling program provides a variety of options for personal and commercial needs.

Looking for Help with Your Golf Cart Battery?

At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we're proud to offer consultations on your battery needs, and take you through our wide selection of golf cart batteries to find your perfect fit. Our battery capacity ratings are based on real-world applications, so you know your battery purchase is reliable for work or play. Give us a call for help with any questions, or drop by your nearest store for in-person support to find your next golf cart battery.