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Warranty Policy

Products purchased through or at a Batteries Plus Bulbs location may include warranty coverage. It is Batteries Plus Bulbs policy to honor warranty claims within the warranty period; however, claims will not be accepted on products that are defective due to owner abuse/neglect or used in applications for which the product is not intended. A warranty claim may require product analysis prior to issuance of credit/replacement.

Warranty coverage requires a proof of purchase, or original receipt, and applies to the original purchaser. Warranties are not transferable.

Specific terms and conditions of warranty policies will vary by product type. Modification of these policies, if applicable, will be posted.

Products may be covered by a free replacement, a pro-rated warranty, or a combination. Products that qualify for warranty coverage under a free replacement warranty program are replaced with a new product, at no cost. The new product warranty period is retroactive to the purchase date of the original product. Some Products are covered by a pro-rated, or pro rata, warranty. Products that have a pro-rated warranty are replaced at a cost that depends upon the age of the product at the time of failure. The cost of a new product is said to be pro-rated by the time in service of the original product. A product replaced under pro-rated warranty coverage will come with an entirely new warranty. If a product has a combination of free replacement and pro-rated warranty coverage, the warranty length is not the combination of both time periods; coverage ends at the completion of the pro-rated time period.

The following table summarizes the warranty period for many of our products. Please contact your local store with questions on coverage for a specific product.

Battery Warranties

Battery Brand Warranty Term
ATV Duracell® Ultra 24 Months
ATV Xtreme AGM 12 Months
ATV Xtreme 6 Months
ATV Odyssey Varies by Model
Camcorder All Brands 12 Months
Car & Truck All Brands Varies - Free Replacement and Pro Rated
Cellular Phone All Brands Varies - 12 Months to Lifetime
Cordless Phone All Brands 6 Months
Cordless Tool All Brands 12 Months
Digital Camera All Brands 12 Months
Emergency Lighting and Security All Brands 12 Months
GPS or PND All Brands 12 Months
Golf All Brands 12 Months
Home or Electronics Rayovac 12 Months
Laptop & Computer All Brands 12 Months
Lawn Tractor & Mower All Brands 6 Months
Motorcycle Duracell® Ultra 24 Months
Motorcycle Xtreme AGM 12 Months
Motorcycle Xtreme 6 Months
Motorcycle Odyssey Varies by Model
MP3 All Brands 12 Months
Personal Watercraft Duracell® Ultra 24 Months
Personal Watercraft Xtreme AGM 12 Months
Personal Watercraft Xtreme 6 Months
Personal Watercraft Odyssey Varies by Model
Rechargeable Nuon 12 Months
Rechargeable Maha PowerEx 12 Months
Rechargeable Rayovac 12 Months
Scanner All Brands 12 Months
Scooter-Gas Duracell® Ultra 24 Months
Scooter-Gas Xtreme AGM 12 Months
Scooter-Gas Xtreme 6 Months
Scooter-Gas Odyssey 24 Months
SLA Sealed Lead Acid Duracell® Ultra 12 Months
SLA Sealed Lead Acid Werker 12 Months
SLA Sealed Lead Acid Power-Sonic 12 Months
SLA Sealed Lead Acid NP Genesis 12 Months
SLA Sealed Lead Acid Rayovac 12 Months
SLA Sealed Lead Acid Duracell® (High Rate series) 3 years
Snowmobile Duracell® Ultra 24 Months
Snowmobile Xtreme AGM 12 Months
Snowmobile Xtreme 6 Months
Snowmobile Odyssey 24 Months
Specialty Ultralife 12 months
Tablet & E-Reader All Brands 12 Months
Two Way Radio NiCd 18 Months
Two Way Radio NiMH 12 Months
Two Way Radio Li Ion 12 Months
UPS All Brands 12 Months
Video Game All Brands 12 Months
Wheelchair or Mobility All Brands 12 Months

Light Bulb / Lamp Warranties

Light Bulb Brand Warranty Term  
CFL Duracell® 24 Months
LED Duracell® 60 Months
LED Fixture Werker® 60 Months LED Fixture Warranty
For other bulbs types, warranty varies by model and vendor.

Repair Warranties

Repair Warranty Term
Smartphone Repairs 6 Months
Laptop Repairs 6 Months
Beats Headphones Repairs 6 Months
Tablet & MP3 Repairs 6 Months