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Ballast - Popular Product Sub Categories

Get the longest life from your lamps and bulbs with high-performance replacement ballasts from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Choose a new electronic or magnetic ballast to raise the efficiency of your fixture, reduce energy loss and save money. Effective lighting ballasts are necessary to operate discharge lights and regulate the amount of current that passes through a lighting fixture. Lighting ballasts must be used to control current flow and prevent light failure. We have a huge supply of watt and voltage options available.

Electromagnetic Ballasts

Electromagnetic lighting ballasts use electromagnetic induction to provide the starting and operating voltages of a gas discharge light. Inside each is a coil of wire and an electromagnetic field that together transform voltage. Some also include an igniter for high-power applications. Electromagnetic ballasts limit the flow of current to the light but do not change the frequency of the input power. The lamp then illuminates on each half-cycle of the power source. This is why many fluorescent and neon lights visibly flicker.

Electronic Ballasts

Electronic lighting ballast use solid-state circuitry to transform voltage, but unlike electromagnetic ballasts, can also alter the frequency of power. This means that electronic lighting ballast can greatly reduce or eliminate any flicker in the lamps. Because it uses solid-state circuitry instead of magnetic coils, it is also more efficient and therefore runs cooler.


We have business-to-business sales experts ready to analyze and support all of your light bulb needs. We have large inventories, broad assortments, and drop- ship capabilities. Whether you need a truckload, case, or a single lamp, we are your one-stop source. We also offer volume discount opportunities, business deliveries, and multiple order and payment options.


Batteries Plus Bulbs is a leader in recycling your spent lamps and ballasts. Our experts will make sure all recycling is properly executed and aid in proper disposal of non-recyclable bulbs in an environmentally safe manner.