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Sealed Beam Light Bulb

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What Are Sealed Beam Light Bulbs?

Sealed beam lamps work similar to traditional light bulbs, except they’re designed specifically for outdoor usage. To protect them from rain, snow and other weather, sealed beam bulbs are manufactured as a completely self-contained package. This helps keep the bulb safe, but it does mean you’ll need to replace the entire lamp if one of the parts breaks.

Need to find the right size? Sealed beam light bulbs are measured in eighths of an inch based on diameter, so a 4.5” bulb would be a PAR36 sealed beam lamp.


Common Uses for Sealed Beam Lamps

Their design leads to a lot of potential uses for sealed beam lamps. In particular, they have a wide number of applications:

  • Landscape Lighting
  • Theater/Stage Lighting
  • Aircraft Landing Strips
  • Automotive Headlamps (especially in older cars)
  • Helicopters
  • Emergency and Security Lights
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