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CFL Light Bulbs - Popular Glass Categories

If you’re looking to save money on your energy bill, switching to CFL bulbs is a great option. On average, CFL bulbs (or compact florescent light bulbs) use 75 percent less energy than their incandescent counterparts. Batteries Plus Bulbs can help you find the right size, shape, and color temperature to replace your existing incandescent bulb with a CFL. Just ask one of our energy saving experts how much you could be saving if you switched out the most frequently used bulbs in your home.

Benefits of CFL Bulbs

Making the switch from incandescent to CFL bulbs? You’ll enjoy plenty of advantages:

  • Cost-savings is the most obvious benefit. CFL bulbs use use less energy and have much longer lifespans than incandescent when used in fixtures that are on for extended periods of time.
  • Since they’re more efficient, CFL bulbs are also more environmentally friendly.
    To make switching even more rewarding, upgrading from inefficient incandescent bulbs is a snap with CFL bulbs. You can find compatible CFL bulbs with light output equivalent to typical 40, 60, 75, and 100 watt incandescent bulbs.

CFL Business Applications

Many business customers have made cost effective decisions to upgrade to CFL bulbs. Contact your local store to have a lighting expert analyze your business lighting needs. We have large inventories, broad assortments, and drop ship capabilities. Whether you need a truckload, case, a single lamp or bulb, or replacement CFL ballasts, we are your one-stop source. We also offer volume discount opportunities, business deliveries, and multiple order and payment options.

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Choosing the Right CFL Bulb

CFL bulbs are not limited to just a spiral, cool white design. You can find CFL in a classic A-shape, globe, reflector, and bomb glass shapes and in color temperatures to light your room just the way you like it.

When you’re buying light bulbs for your home, here are a few things to consider:

  • Determine which color temperature is right for your needs
  • Use lumens to evaluate brightness, not watts
  • Decide which style of bulb is best for your lighting situation

CFL Recycling

While light bulb technology continues to evolve and is great for energy savings, many light bulbs contain mercury and must be properly recycled to help keep our environment safe. Batteries Plus Bulbs is a leader is recycling your compact fluorescent bulbs. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

Have more questions? Contact us or visit your nearest store.