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Rechargeable Battery Chargers - Chemistries

Finding the right charger for your rechargeable batteries is essential for making sure you get the longest life possible out of them. Batteries Plus Bulbs is proud to offer plenty of top-quality chargers that will keep your batteries, and therefore your devices, running at full power. Let us help you keep your batteries powered so that you can enjoy your video games, toys, and other devices without having to worry about constantly buying new batteries.

Featured Chemistries

Reliable Chargers

When it comes to having reliable power, it all starts with a reliable charger. If the charger you use to power your rechargeable batteries is ineffective, you’ll deal with slow chargers, partial charges, and even risk reducing the life of the battery itself. Trust the Plus to help you find the best charger for your batteries.

Matching Your Chargers to Your Batteries

One of the most important considerations when buying a rechargeable battery charger is to make sure it will work with the batteries you want it to charge. Specifically, you’ll want to find a charger that works with the chemistry of your battery. Some chargers are also specifically designed to work with certain brands of batteries.

What to Look for in a Charger

Depending on what you want from your Rechargeable Battery Chargers, there are a few different things you should look for:

  • If you want a quick charge: You’ll want to focus almost entirely on the charging speed. Chargers can vary significantly in terms of charge time, ranging from as little as one hour to more than eight.
  • If you want to lengthen the life of your battery: Look for a charger that is designed for optimal charging. These chargers typically have automatic shutoffs and advanced features that can monitor the batteries’ charges.
  • If you want convenience: Find a charger that’s perfect for your specific situation. Some considerations include the size of the charger, whether it requires a wall outlet or can work in your car, and how many batteries you can charge at one time.

If you’re still not sure what you need, the associates at your nearest store can help you find the perfect charger.