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MP3 Chargers - Brands

A quality replacement charger for a will help make sure you’re getting the most of your MP3 player’s battery. Batteries Plus Bulbs can help you find the perfect charger for your device.

Find Your MP3 Charger

Proprietary Chargers vs. Standard Cables

While many MP3 players use standard micro USB cables for charging, some brands and models require manufacturer-specific cords. If a charger came with your device, you’ll want to find a new charger that is just like the old one. If you don’t have the original charger, don’t worry – we’ll show you compatible chargers for your specific device.

Types of Chargers

Batteries Plus Bulbs carries replacement chargers for MP3 so that your music is ready whenever you are. Our selection includes car chargers, wall chargers, and even power banks. Now you can have a charger in your glove compartment, your backpack, and plugged in to the wall at home so you’re never far from a power source.

If you need more help, an associate at your nearest store would be glad to assist you.

How to Conserve Your MP3 Player’s Battery

A replacement charger will help make sure your MP3 player is always ready for a jam session, but you can make your battery last longer by adjusting a few settings on your device. One of the biggest drains on your MP3 player’s battery is the volume. If you listen to loud music, you’ll experience quicker discharges. Similarly, if your screen’s display is allowed to idle for extended periods of time, you’ll use more power, even if you don’t touch your device. If possible, set the idle time for your screen to a shorter time span.

Other Ways to Extend the Life of Your MP3 Player

In addition to chargers, Batteries Plus Bulbs can replace the battery in many MP3 players. If the battery isn’t the problem, we also have repair services for some devices.