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2450 Watch Batteries

Whether you wear it as a fashion statement or genuinely use it to check time, your watch is a valuable accessory. Unfortunately, a watch is only as effective as the battery that powers it. When it’s time to replace the battery in your timepiece, Batteries Plus Bulbs is your source for top-quality 2450 watch batteries and installation services.

Nuon 3V 2450 Watch Battery (2 Pack)
Product Review
  • Installation services available in stores - separate fees may apply
  • Available in bulk - contact your local store
  • Nuon 3V CR2450 coin cell
Brand: Nuon
Voltage: 3
Format: 2450
Limited Quantity at Ashburn

Duracell 3V 2450 Watch Battery
Product Review
  • DURALOCK Technology -- lasts 10 years in storage
  • Duracell 3V CR2450 coin cell
Brand: Duracell
Voltage: 3
Format: 2450
In Stock at Ashburn

Reliable Replacements in No Time

We all wish there was more time in a day, but sadly a stopped watch doesn’t add time – it takes it away. Batteries Plus Bulbs can get your 2450 watch battery replaced quickly so you can get back to spending your time where it matters. The trained associates at your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location have the knowledge, ability and tools to properly open your watch, test the existing battery and install a new cell to get it working again.

We have a complete line of button and coin cells:

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  • Lithium Coin Cells
  • Silver Oxide Cells

Important Safety Message:

Silver oxide button and lithium coin cells can pose a significant threat to young children, primarily those age 6 and under. Read more here.