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Kyocera K500 Gamepad TXCMB10015C Video Game Batteries

When you finally find some free time to relax and enjoy a video game, the last thing you want is a dead battery. Don’t let game time turn into a scavenger hunt for fresh batteries – let us help! Trust the Plus for all your Kyocera K500 Gamepad TXCMB10015C battery replacement needs.

  • Higher capacity than most pre-charged options
  • Rechargeable up to 500 times
  • Kyocera K500 Gamepad TXCMB10015C Video Game 900MAH battery
Brand: Nuon
Voltage: 1.2
Format: AAA, LR03
Capacity: 900MAH

  • 1200MAH, highest capacity consumer cells
  • Can be recharged hundreds of times
  • Will retain near full capacity even after hundreds of charges
Brand: X2Power
Voltage: 1.2
Format: AAA, LR03
Capacity: 1200MAH

  • Affordable, reusable power solution
  • Recharge 300 times
  • Take up to 400 photos when fully charged, 16 times more than lithium
Brand: Rayovac
Voltage: 1.2
Format: AAA, LR03
Capacity: 900MAH

Consoles, Controllers, and More

Batteries Plus Bulbs has batteries for controllers and handheld consoles. To find a replacement for your Kyocera K500 Gamepad TXCMB10015C battery, find your device and we’ll show you all the compatible batteries we have available.

For some devices, we also offer rechargeable battery packs and compatible chargers.

Battery Recycling

We are an industry leader for battery recycling. Each of our store locations is a drop-off point for battery recycling. Learn more about our recycling programs for consumers and businesses.

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Making the Most of Your Kyocera K500 Gamepad TXCMB10015C Battery

With a reliable battery, you can expect plenty of gaming sessions between charges or replacements. However, you can get the most from your K500 Gamepad TXCMB10015C battery by following a few tips:

  • Turn Off Vibrations - If your device gives you the option, turning off the vibrations can save significant amounts of power. Each rumble drains the battery.
  • Power Down - When you’re not using your device, turn it off. While it might be tempting to leave it on for quicker access later, you’ll likely return to a dead battery.
  • Avoid Extreme Temperatures - Keep your Kyocera device away from extremely cold or extremely hot environments. If you have extra controllers, don’t keep them right next to a console, which can give off excessive amounts of heat. For handheld devices, store them in cool, dry places when they’re not in use.