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Two Way Radio Batteries

Your two-way radio is only as good as its battery. Whether you rely on your two-way radio for work or play, when its battery life has reached its end, Batteries Plus Bulbs carries a wide range of batteries for radios.

What Types of Batteries Do Radios Use?

In most instances, basic walkie-talkies may use AA or AAA batteries, but higher-end two-way radios often use one of the following types of radio batteries:

  • Ni-Cad: With a long life expectancy, these batteries for radios are less prone to issues associated with overcharging. While nickel-cadmium batteries are one of the most cost-effective options on the market, they're also among the heaviest.
  • NiMH: Slightly more expensive than Ni-Cad batteries, these radio batteries are also smaller and lighter. Nickel metal hydride batteries typically last for one to two years.
  • Li-Ion: The most expensive two-way radio battery option, lithium-ion batteries are lightweight and powerful. However, these radio batteries are also limited to a certain number of charging cycles. This means that once that number is reached, the batteries won't take another charge.

If your two-way radio won't hold a charge or you just want to keep some extra radio batteries on hand, shop the large collection of radio battery packs and batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs online or in-store now.

Tips to extend the life of your two-way radio battery:

  • Proper charging will help to keep your battery operating at full power.
  • Remove the battery from the charger when charging is complete.
  • Continuous charging of the battery will reduce the life of the battery.
  • Store the radio and battery in a dry place at or below room temperature without exposure to direct sunlight.

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