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Scanner Batteries

From small, local businesses to major, nationwide chains, a barcode scanner is a heavily used tool. Find a large array of high-quality scanner batteries from trusted brands like Motorola, Casio and Seiko at Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Do You Need to Replace Your Scanner Battery?

If your scanner isn't functioning properly, the problem might be with the battery of the device. Diminishing barcode scanner batteries are one of the leading causes of portable scanner failure. A few simple steps can be taken to determine if the issue lies with your scanner battery:

  • First, inspect the cradle to verify it's powering on correctly.
  • If the cradle appears to have power, remove the scanner battery and reset it to ensure the terminals are connecting properly.
  • If the device still fails to power on, consider replacing your barcode scanner battery.

When it's time to find a replacement battery, browse our selection by your scanner brand and model to get the right fit.

You rely on your scanner to keep track of inventory or to monitor product sales. Don't let a faulty scanner battery derail your business. Shop scanner batteries at Batteries Plus Bulbs to keep your device powered and ready to go whenever you need it.

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