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Personal Watercraft Batteries

Keep the adventure at full power with the right personal watercraft battery from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Explore a wide range of conventional flooded batteries and sealed AGM designs to power hours of fun.

Personal Watercraft Battery Finder

Power your water scooter, Sea-Doo, Jet Ski and more with high-performance personal watercraft batteries. Browse a variety of batteries to fit your personal watercraft at Batteries Plus Bulbs.

Choosing Your Personal Watercraft Battery

Personal watercraft batteries tend to last 3-5 years. When the time comes to replace your Jet Ski battery or another PWC battery, begin by checking whether you need a conventional flooded design or a sealed AGM battery. Some personal watercrafts can use either, while others are built to fit one specific type.

Conventional flooded: This is the more traditional type of watercraft battery, and provides reliable power for starting and applications.

Fully sealed AGM: Crafted for long-lasting power, AGM batteries offer the durability you need for on-the-water adventures. The enhanced vibration and heat resistance prolongs the life of your battery on rough waters, while the maintenance-free design guarantees power you can count on.

PWC Battery Accessories and More

Once you've found the best PWC or Jet Ski battery for your needs, discover a range of accessories to make the most of your personal watercraft. A PWC battery charger makes battery maintenance easy, while battery boxes allow for safe transport and storage. Shop here or drop by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location to pick up a new personal watercraft battery today.

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