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Modem and Hotspot Batteries

Whether you're browsing the internet at home or surfing on the go, discover the power you can count on with modem and hotspot batteries from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Shop a wide selection of models from top brands to find the right fit, then browse modem and hotspot accessories to stay charged wherever you go.

Finding the Right Modem and Hotspot Battery

With so many brands and models, it can be difficult to find a replacement hotspot or modem battery when you need one. At Batteries Plus Bulbs, we carry a wide array of batteries for top brands like Samsung, AT&T, Verizon and more to help you find the perfect match. Shop by brand and model, or drop by your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location and one of our experts will be happy to help you find a replacement modem battery.

Modem and Hotspot Battery Accessories

Once you've found the perfect mobile Wi-Fi battery, keep your device powered all day long with a variety of portable accessories. Shop chargers and power banks for a selection of brands, with convenient features like fast charging, short circuit and overheat protection and more.

It's easy to find the power you can depend on with hotspot and modem batteries from Batteries Plus Bulbs. Discover trusted battery brands like Duracell and Rayovac, with warranty options to ensure you always have power when you need it. Find a replacement battery that perfectly fits your modem or hotspot model, then dispose of your old battery in one convenient trip with our battery recycling services.

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