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Dog Collar and Fence Batteries

You invested in a pet containment system for your dog because you can’t stand the idea of something happening to them, but dog collars and fences are only as effective as the batteries that powers them. If you need to replace the batteries for your dog collar and fence, Batteries Plus Bulbs can help!

How Often Should You Replace Dog Collar and Fence Batteries?

There are a number of factors that can influence the lifespan of your system’s battery:

  • How often does the collar get activated? – If the collar needs to warn your pet frequently, the battery will drain more quickly.
  • What setting is the collar set at? – For bigger dogs or pets that need stronger warnings, the extra power will drain your battery faster.
  • What kind of climate do you live in? – If you live in an area that is commonly exposed to extreme temperatures, you’ll likely get less performance from your battery.

Dog Collar and Fence Battery Recycling

Your [dog collar and fence helps keep your pet safe, and once the battery dies you can help keep the environment safe by disposing of the power cell properly. As an industry leader for recycling dead batteries, we’re proud to provide a drop-off location at each of our stores. Learn more about our recycling programs or stop by your local store for more information about your area’s specific recycling laws.

Unable to find the Dog Collar and Fence battery you were looking for?

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