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What kind of battery does my Volkswagen need? How do I know when my battery should be replaced? Is it hard to change the battery in my VW? So many questions! But we have answers. Batteries Plus is your Volkswagen battery destination, and our in-store experts have knowledgeable answers for all of your VW questions. Jetta drivers, Passat drivers, and Beetle drivers agree that the best batteries for their Volkswagen cars and SUVs are found at Batteries Plus.

A few different signs, some obvious, some less so, will tell you when the battery in your Volkswagen should be replaced. Subtle signs your battery is failing include slower start-ups, dimming lights when your car is idle. Unexplained problems with the electrical system. And the need for frequent jump starts. More obvious signs include a battery that is leaking, cracked or otherwise misshapen. Weird odors coming from the battery itself, and finally, you may need a new battery when your VW just plain won't start. If you're questioning the longevity of your VW battery, visit any Batteries Plus location where an associate will test your battery for free. If we find you may need a new battery, rest assured that our experts will determine which battery is a perfect replacement for your current Volkswagen battery.

Volkswagen cars & SUVs run on 12V batteries with a minimum recommendation of 500 CCAs. The right battery for your VW can be found by talking to one of our experts or taking a look at the battery finder on our site. No special battery is needed; you'll find yours right on our store shelves or online at Once you have the right battery, one of our associates will be happy to install your new VW battery for free (at most locations). You don't need to worry about investing in new tools, learning new techniques or worrying about hooking your battery up incorrectly. We're experts at VW battery installation & we'll do it for you.

Generally speaking, your new Volkswagen battery will last up to 5 years, but that number can vary. Battery life depends on the frequency and time of your driving, the climate around you, and how well you maintain your battery and vehicle overall. Auto batteries at Batteries Plus come with, at the very least, a 6-month free nationwide replacement warranty.

There's one question we've gotten that might be unique to VW: How do I reset my Volkswagen after a battery change? And it's true - you will need to reset your car's computer after a battery change. And without its computer, your VW may not start after a battery change. Don't worry, though, because it isn't difficult. Check your owner's manual for a step-by-step guide.

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Volkswagen FAQs

A very basic, low-maintenance flooded battery for a Volkswagen starts at about $200. There will be a core charge as well. But don't forget that Batteries Plus offers free battery installation with purchase at most locations, plus we'll make sure to recycle your old battery, too.

At Batteries Plus, our experts recommend a Duracell Ultra or Duracell Ultra Platinum battery for Volkswagen cars & SUVs.

Not really. In most cases, a battery straight off the shelf will work well in your VW. That said, there are a few things to watch for. Make sure the battery you're purchasing is like/like with the battery you're removing. Typically, Volkswagens use group sizes H5, H6, H7 or H8. The experts at your nearest Batteries Plus can help.

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