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Hyundai Santa Fe Car and Truck Battery

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Looking for a new battery for your Hyundai Santa Fe? Look no further than your nearest Batteries Plus location. Our in-store experts will test your battery for free, and suggest a solid replacement from our selection of top-quality batteries from Duracell Ultra, Optima, Odyssey and X2Power. You can also take advantage of expert car battery installation at most of our locations. Another easy option is to use our convenient battery finder here on our site to choose a battery that’s right for your Hyundai Santa Fe.

Generally, you can count on the battery in your Santa Fe lasting from 3-5 years  , depending on the kind of driving you do, and other important factors like the weather in your part of the country. (Heat and humidity especially can take a toll on car & truck batteries.) As well as how well you maintain your vehicle.

So do you need a new battery? There are some obvious signs, and some not-so-obvious signs that your Hyundai Santa Fe battery is dying. You might notice that your vehicle is just a little bit slower to catch when you start it. Or that your headlights dim when you're idle. Another big clue will be that your Santa Fe has recently needed a jump start. One jump might not be bad, but more than one means you should come in for a free battery test. A way more obvious sign that your battery needs to be replaced is that your Hyundai won't start at all. In that case, a new battery might be in your future.

So what's the best battery   for your Hyundai Santa Fe? Batteries Plus carries a wide range of batteries, from traditional flooded batteries to AGM to lithium, as well as trusted brand names like Duracell Ultra, Odyssey, Optima and our own premium X2Power batteries  . The best battery is the one that best fits your Santa Fe. Any one of our store associates will be happy to advise you on your options and the pros and cons of each, and finally they will install your battery (at most locations). A battery for a Hyundai Santa Fe will start at about $200 and move up in cost from there, depending on the brand and type of battery you choose.

Of course there's more to your Santa Fe than just the battery under the hood. Batteries Plus offers a wide array of light bulbs for your Hyundai as well, from headlamps to brake lights to lights in the visor, dome lights and even the glove box. Do you need a spare key fob for your Santa Fe? Our experts will program a new key fob for you, or replace that tiny battery in your Hyundai Santa Fe key fob to have it working as good as new.

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Hyundai Santa Fe FAQs

The team at Batteries Plus does, in fact, offer battery replacement services. Regular battery replacement is free, but you can also upgrade to premium installation for added protection against future battery corrosion  . Batteries Plus also offers expert battery testing on cars and trucks.

Hyundai Santa Fe batteries start out at about $215. Of course the cost depends on which battery brand you choose, which chemistry and more. A Batteries Plus sales associate can help you navigate your choices and pick the battery that will work best for your particular situation. At Batteries Plus you'll also take advantage of expert battery installation with your purchase, at most locations.

Batteries Plus will gladly recycle your old Hyundai battery.

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