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Is it time to replace the battery in your Cadillac SUV or sedan? Batteries Plus has a large supply of replacement batteries for Cadillac vehicles, including SUVs like the Cadillac XT5, full-size luxury sedans like the Cadillac Deville and touring sedans like the Cadillac CTS. Shop our full assortment of auto batteries online or visit any one of our 700+ stores throughout the country.

Auto batteries typically last between 3 and 5 years. There are several signs that will tell you when your Cadillac battery needs to be replaced. You may have trouble turning over your engine or even have to jump-start to get it going. If you notice a build-up of corrosion on the battery's terminals that's another indication that you may need to replace your Cadillac's battery. If you're experiencing any of the issues above, bring your Cadillac to your nearest Batteries Plus and have it tested for free. Even better, if you purchase a battery from us, most of our locations offer free battery installation on most Cadillac vehicles.

If you do end up needing a replacement, we have top-quality flooded batteries and AGM batteries from brands like Odyssey, Optima and Duracell, plus Thin Plate Pure Lead AGM batteries from X2Power. Flooded batteries, also known as STD batteries, deliver reliable performance for your Cadillac car or SUV.

If you want a longer-lasting battery, consider investing in an AGM battery. AGM batteries cost more upfront than a flooded option, but last roughly 2 times as long, meaning you'll probably save money in the long run. AGM batteries have a higher voltage output than flooded batteries, which provides a more reliable vehicle starting. They also charge much faster and have a lower self-discharge rate. Most Cadillac vehicles are compatible with both flooded and AGM batteries, although some models may require an AGM battery. If your Cadillac vehicle currently has an AGM battery, do not downgrade to a flooded battery. Doing so will have a negative impact on your Cadillac's performance.

Looking for the best battery available for your Cadillac vehicle? Pick up one of our exclusive X2Power batteries. These Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) AGM batteries are the longest-lasting, best-performing auto batteries on the market. They also feature some of the highest CCAs (cold cranking amps) available, making them a great choice for people who regularly drive their Cadillacs in extreme hot or cold conditions.

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Cadillac FAQs

The cost of a new Cadillac battery depends on several things. The size of the battery will impact its cost and so will the battery's chemistry. Flooded (STD) batteries cost less upfront than AGM batteries but don't last as long. That means that you will probably save money on an AGM over the course of its life.

An average Cadillac battery will last between 3 and 5 years. You can help to lengthen your battery's life by keeping it charged up at all times. That means driving your Cadillac at highway speeds for at least 30 minutes a week. If you know that you won't be using your Cadillac for several weeks, you should keep the battery charged with a battery maintainer. Another way to prolong a Cadillac battery's life is by cleaning any corrosion you find off of the battery's terminals.

Batteries Plus replaces Cadillac batteries. Each of our stores offers free battery testing. If you end up purchasing a new battery from us, we'll even install it for you (valid on most models). Most of our locations offer battery installation for free.

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