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Finding the Right Airsoft Battery

From your M16 to your AK47, each airsoft gun has different functions that call for different power. In order to keep your airsoft gun working at its best, it's important to find the perfect replacement battery. Browse our selection of sizes and voltages to find the right fit for your needs.

  • Size - Different gun models often require different battery sizes. From classic AA models to larger designs, we make it easy to find the right battery size for your airsoft gun.
  • Voltage - Even some airsoft guns that use the same size batteries may call for different voltages to power the firing mechanism. Many airsoft guns require an 8.4V airsoft battery or a 9.6V airsoft battery. There are also other voltages available, including 1.2V and 1.5V, that are designed for specific gun models. Your manufacturer instructions should specify the voltage required for your gun to fire at its best.

How to Extend the Life of Your Airsoft Gun Battery

It's easy to prolong the life and run-time of your airsoft battery with a few everyday maintenance habits.

  • Avoid extreme temperatures. Most batteries work best when they're stored at moderate temperatures. Harsh heat and cold can drain your battery charge, ultimately affecting its performance and lifespan.

  • Take the batteries out. Even when you're not using them, your batteries still lose a little bit of charge. Slow the drain by removing your batteries from your airsoft gun if you won't be using it for a little while.

  • Avoid storing your batteries in a discharged state. If you're using reusable batteries, keep them fully charged so they're ready to go when you need them.

  • Never use damaged batteries. Not only can these be dangerous, but trying to install or charge a broken battery can damage other aspects of your airsoft gun.

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