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Sekonic L206 View Meter Film Camera Batteries

In the age of ever-advancing digital technology, there’s something appealing about the retro feel of a reliable film camera. Whether you’re using it for an artistic photoshoot, honing your photography skills, or just prefer film to digital, Batteries Plus Bulbs has the battery you need to get the most out of your Sekonic L206 View Meter film camera.

Duracell Coppertop Sekonic L206 View Meter Film Camera Batteries (2 Pack)
  • Trusted Duracell Coppertop brand
  • Designed for use in car alarms, key fob, GPS tracker and child locator
  • Reliable, long-lasting power
Brand: Duracell Coppertop
Voltage: 1.5
Format: N, LR1
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Energizer Sekonic L206 View Meter Film Camera Batteries (2 Pack)
  • Optimal power for electronics around the house
  • Great for Bluetooth headsets, glucose and blood pressure monitors
  • Energizer N, LR1 Alkaline 1.5V battery 2 pack
Brand: Energizer
Voltage: 1.5
Format: N, LR1
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Why Does a Film Camera Need a Battery?

It might seem strange to think you need a battery to power a non-digital camera, but even older film cameras had features that required a power source. Depending on the age of your camera, you might need a battery for the flash, the light meter, or even to control the shutter. Some film cameras don’t require a battery to take photos, but having a reliable power source will make snapping the perfect shot easier.

Battery Recycling

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What Kind of Batteries Do Film Cameras Use?

The battery you need will depend almost entirely on the brand and model of your camera. While few older cameras use proprietary batteries like modern digital ones do, they can still use a wide range of battery types. From the standard AA to hard-to-find button cells, finding the right battery for your camera can be complicated – especially when you consider that many film cameras use mercury-based batteries that are no longer produced.

Batteries Plus Bulbs helps make finding the right replacement battery for your film camera easier by showing you all the compatible batteries we have for your Sekonic L206 View Meter camera.

Can’t find a battery for your film camera? Bring it to your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs store and an associate will help you find a match.

Need batteries for your digital camera instead? We’ve got you covered there, too.