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The Top 4 Best Car and Truck Accessories of 2021

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 6/15/2021

Phone mounted on a car window

Looking for a way to charge your phone from your car or truck? How about the perfect flashlight for your glove box? Batteries Plus has plenty of great accessories to help you make the most of your time on the road. Here are our top five favorites.

Cell Phone Car Mounts Available at Batteries Plus

Are you tired of fumbling with your phone while driving? A Steelie® mount kit puts your phone in easy reach, so you can stream music, follow directions or make important calls without fear of dropping your phone.

Batteries Plus offers a number of different models, including the original dash mount and vent mount kits, as well as the Orbiter dash and Orbiter vent mount kits, which feature a lower profile, thin magnetic plate. All Steelie kits feature a handy ball shaped mount that allows you to tilt and rotate your phone to find the perfect viewing angle.

Power Inverters Let You Charge Devices from Your Car or Truck

Speaking of phones, a power inverter is a great way to charge your phone directly from your vehicle's battery. Why do you need a power inverter? The battery in your car or truck gives off direct current (DC), which behaves differently from alternating current (AC) like that found in your house. Electronic devices need more power to function than DC power can provide. A power inverter increases the DC voltage, then converts it to the AC power needed to charge phones, tablets and laptops. Batteries Plus has power inverters in a number of different sizes, including 150 watt, 175 watt and 400 watt inverters.

Batteries Plus' Most Popular Flashlights

A reliable flashlight should be a part of everyone's vehicle emergency kit. Batteries Plus offers a diverse selection of flashlights, ranging from mini penlights to enormously bright tactical options. If you're looking for a small flashlight that easily fits into your glove box, we suggest the Torchy Flashlight from NEBO. This compact light is water- and impact-resistant with four separate light modes. Plus, it's rechargeable and features a magnetic base which allows it to be attached to metal surfaces.

If you're looking for something larger, the NEBO Redline V is a great choice. This tactical flashlight features an adjustable zoom with five different light modes. Plus, it's completely waterproof and impact-resistant. The NEBO Rechargeable Headlamp is perfect for changing tires, checking under the hood or other situations where you need the use of both of your hands. It features six different light modes and can be worn using the adjustable head strap or attached to a ball cap using the detachable clip.

Remember to regularly check that your flashlight battery is still working or keep a package of spare alkaline batteries in your car.

Clear Vehicle Error Codes with a Vehicle Health Monitor

Are you tired of taking your car into the shop every time your check engine light comes on? We have the accessory for you. The Zus Smart Vehicle Health Monitor Mini allows you to diagnose your vehicle's error messages and clear them without having to visit a mechanic. You can even fix the issues yourself using the step-by-step instructions in the monitor's DIY repair guide.

You can also use it to scan your engine for any potential issues, track the voltage of your battery over time and program it to send real-time alerts whenever an engine issue is detected. Do you have a hard time finding your car in a crowded parking lot? The Health Monitor Mini has a built-in GPS locator, plus you can use it to track your mileage for business trips or tax deductions.

Batteries Plus is Your Vehicle Headquarters

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