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Top 10 Supplies You Need in Your Winter Safety Kit

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 10/4/2022

white car on side of the road in winter

Winter weather can be very hard on your car. Low temperatures make it difficult for batteries to start, while conditions like ice and snow can increase the likelihood of accidents. Fortunately, you can be ready for whatever winter throws at you with a little preparation. Here are the top ten items you need in your emergency car kit.

Headlights are Essential for Winter Driving Conditions

Since you'll be using your headlights more often during winter, it's a good idea to keep some spare headlight bulbs on hand in case one of them burns out. When swapping out headlight bulbs, always replace them in pairs. As headlight bulbs age, they tend to put out less light. That means that if you only replace one bulb, the older one will give off less light, making you less visible than you would be with two new bulbs. For more info, read "How to Find the Right Headlight Bulb for Your Car or Truck."

Make Sure Your Windshield Wiper Blades are Ready for Snow

While it's important to have a good pair of windshield wiper blades year-round, it becomes even more important in areas that experience regular snowfall. If your wipers aren't performing as well as they should, now's the time to replace them.

Carry Spare Auto Fuses In Case You Get a Blown Fuse

Vehicle fuses protect your electrical system from overloading. When a fuse is blown, it can prevent your radio, horn, windshield wipers or lighting from operating properly. It's a good idea to keep some spare auto fuses in your emergency kit in case you get a blown fuse. Read our blog entitled "How to Safely Identify and Replace an Auto Fuse," for help replacing a blown fuse.

Carry Jumper Cables In Case Your Battery Dies

Low temperatures make it much easier for auto batteries to fail. In order to avoid being stranded, you should include a pair of jumper cables in your vehicle emergency kit. Find out more in our blog "What are the Best Type of Jumper Cables for My Car or Truck?"

Jump Starters Let You Jump Your Car Without a Second Vehicle

Jump starters are an even better option than jumper cables since they allow you to jump start a dead battery without the use of a second vehicle. Shop Batteries Plus' selection of jump starters, then get step-by-step instructions on how to use them in our blog "How Do You Jump a Car with a Portable Power Pack?"

Car Chargers Let You Charge Your Phone Using Your Auto Battery

A reliable cell phone is crucial in the event of an emergency, allowing you to stay in touch with towing services, as well as the police or other emergency services. The X2Power 3 Amp Car Charger lets you charge up your phone using the auxiliary power outlet (cigarette lighter) on your car. Available with a lightning cable or micro USB cable.

Portable Chargers Will Help Keep Your Phone Working in an Emergency

What do you do if you're stranded with a dead car battery? Batteries Plus has a variety of wireless charging options perfect for keeping your phone charged up if you find yourself in an emergency.

Keep a Flashlight in Your Glove Box

Everyone should carry a reliable flashlight in their car for emergency situations. Batteries Plus has a wide selection of flashlights and headlamps in a variety of different sizes and brightness levels. You'll also want to be sure to have a backup supply of alkaline batteries available, but don't store them in your vehicle as extreme temperatures can harm the batteries' performance.

Have a Spare Key Fob Made

If you don't have a second car remote available, consider having a key fob programmed at Batteries Plus. Having a spare key fob available will make things much easier if you lose your current remote, or if more than one driver uses the vehicle. Batteries Plus also replaces key fob batteries and key fob shells and cuts auto keys too.

Test Your Car Battery Before Winter

Now's the perfect time to have your auto battery checked to make sure it's still healthy enough to make it through another winter. Batteries Plus tests auto batteries for free. If you need a new battery for your car or truck, we have plenty of top-quality replacement batteries available. Plus, most of our stores offer free battery installation with an auto battery purchase (valid on most makes and models).

Visit Batteries Plus for Your Winter Auto Needs

Having a supply of emergency supplies on hand can help you stay prepared for dangerous winter weather. Visit our Auto Center online for more automotive essentials, or shop in person at your nearest Batteries Plus location. You'll also find plenty of additional information in our online blog. Some auto-related topics include "How Do I Know Which Car Battery Fits My Car?" and "How Many Cold Cranking Amps Do I Need For Cold Weather?" Additionally, Bentley Hyundai has a number of "Tips For Avoiding Winter Car Problems  " in their blog.

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