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Batteries Plus Can Help Power and Support Governments and Municipalities

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/23/2023

municipal building illuminated against a night sky

Batteries Plus can help you make the most of your municipal budget. Our organization has over 25,000 specialty batteries and more than 15,000 lighting solutions available at over 700 stores throughout the U.S. We also maintain our own Distribution Center, which runs 24 hours a day, 6 days a week to ensure your orders are filled as quickly as possible. Here are a few of the key items we can help you procure.

Batteries Plus Has Batteries for Government Fleet Vehicles

Squad cars, ambulances and other emergency vehicles need to be ready at a moment's notice. Batteries Plus can provide you with the vehicle batteries you need to keep your municipal vehicles on the road, including long-lasting AGM batteries designed to start in any climate. We also carry additional essentials such as headlight bulbs, auto fuses, battery chargers and jump starters for cold winter days. Plus, we can cut auto keys and replace faulty key fobs.

Shop SLA Batteries for Municipal Needs at Batteries Plus

Sealed Lead Acid batteries are used to power everything from UPS units and battery backups to emergency lighting, floor scrubbers and more. Not only can we provide you with the most reliable SLA batteries, we can also teach you how to charge and maintain them properly, so that you get the best ROI possible.

Find the Best Alkaline Batteries for First Responders at Batteries Plus

Alkaline batteries are used in flashlights, two-way radios, first aid gear and other crucial equipment. Batteries Plus offers multiple performance levels of alkaline and PRCOM alkaline batteries. Our experts can help you consolidate your department purchasing under one vendor and guide you to the best alkaline solution for each application.

Batteries Plus Has Lighting for Municipalities

Our selection of lighting essentials includes ballasts, fixtures, emergency lighting and a variety of energy-efficient light bulb types. We have dedicated advisors who can help you maximize your municipal dollars by recommending the most efficient solutions for schools and streets, as well as city and county buildings. Plus, if you're looking to upgrade to more efficient lighting, our experts can help you navigate the retrofitting process, including keeping you informed of any utility incentives in your area.

Batteries Plus Offers Device Repair

If you rely on phones and tablets, you know how easily they can be damaged. Help stretch your municipal dollars by repairing your broken devices at Batteries Plus. We offer screen repair, battery replacement and other repair services at the majority of our 700+ stores located throughout the country.

Batteries Plus Has Flashlights for Police Officers and Other First Responders

Police officers, EMTs and repair technicians rely on flashlights when they're out in the field. At Batteries Plus, we offer a large variety of different flashlight styles and sizes, ranging from headlamps to small penlights to impact-resistant tactical models.

What Can Batteries Plus Do for Your Municipality?

Over 14,250 municipalities rely on us to keep their buildings lit, their vehicles running and their communications systems charged. Here's what Jennifer Cox, Purchasing Agent for the City of Port Orange had to say, "We have been purchasing from Batteries Plus using the NPP Gov competitively bid and awarded contract via the League of Oregon Cities. Our experiences have been very positive and we have experienced very competitive pricing and service!"

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