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Partner with Batteries Plus for Your School & Office Essentials

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 7/8/2021

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Last year was a time of unprecedented change with thousands of students and workers making the transition to working at home. The introduction of the COVID vaccine means that many of these individuals will be returning to schools and offices this fall. Is your facility ready? Whether you're preparing your school for the beginning of another academic semester or stocking the office for a return to normal, you can rely on Batteries Plus for your energy, lighting and technology essentials. Here's a brief look at what we can do for you.

UPS & Backup Systems

A full facility means an increased need for reliable backup systems. Be sure to test the batteries in your UPS systems to be sure they're still functional. Batteries Plus can provide you with high-rate SLA replacement batteries, as well as additional UPS systems, surge protectors and even generators.

Find Computer & Device Essentials at Batteries Plus

Both students and workers require reliable equipment in order to be as productive as possible. Our stores offer free battery testing for laptops, tablets and other equipment. Even better, we feature tablet and laptop battery installation service for a wide range of brands and models. Do you have damaged tablets just taking up space? Save yourself the cost of replacement by having your tablet repaired. Our WISE certified technicians repair broken screens and fix additional issues like malfunctioning buttons, ports and speakers. Plus, we can provide you with additional extras like laptop chargers, tablet chargers and spare cables.

Alkaline & Lithium Batteries

The pandemic has placed a greater priority on school and office hygiene, with many facilities transitioning to touchless applications like toilets, paper towel dispensers and soap and hand sanitizer stations. Batteries Plus has a large supply of the batteries you need to keep these devices going. Stock up on alkaline and coin cell batteries in a variety of sizes, or consider making the switch to longer-lasting lithium batteries, which provide a much higher ROI when buying in bulk.

Industrial Scrubbers & Sweepers

Having more people onsite means a greater focus on keeping your facility clean. Be sure to charge the batteries in your industrial scrubber or sweeper and check the electrolyte levels inside. If you find your scrubber is running out of power too quickly or requires constant charging, it might be time to change the battery. Batteries Plus can provide you with 6-volt, 8-volt and 12-volt batteries to fit any make and model, as well as the right charger to help you keep them maintained.

Exit & Emergency Lighting

Does your facility have an adequate number of exit and emergency lights? Batteries Plus carries LED exit fixtures, as well as the batteries necessary to keep your current emergency lighting running smoothly.

Interior & Exterior Lighting

Let's talk lighting. Now's a good time to take a walk through your facility and make sure everything is working as it should. Do you have adequate lighting for classrooms and walkways, gymnasiums and offices? Do the bulbs you use provide the right kind of lighting for work and study? If not, our experts can help recommend the right fixtures and bulbs to help keep individuals alert and focused.

How about outside? Be sure that areas like entrances, exits and parking lots have enough illumination to help students and staff feel safe. Browse our selection of outdoor fixtures and security lights for additional options.

Consultation Services from Industry Experts

Batteries Plus offers much more than just products and services. By partnering with us, you'll be paired with your own dedicated advisor, who can answer all of your questions and help you find the best possible solution for your power and lighting needs.

We also offer free needs assessments. One of our experts will tour your facility either in person or remotely to help assess your needs and provide you with ways to save money by using power and lighting more efficiently. Plus, you'll receive customized shipping options, as well as competitive volume pricing. Interested? Sign up for one of our free business accounts   and start taking advantage of everything Batteries Plus can do for your school or business.

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