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Batteries Plus Can Help Prepare Your Business for a Sudden Winter Storm

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/4/2022

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Much of the country is experiencing winter right now and while that's great news for skiers and sledders, it's not such welcome news for business owners. Heavy snowfall and high winds can wreak havoc on your business, knocking out power and leaving employees potentially stranded on site. Every minute your business is down, it ends up costing you money. Fortunately, you can minimize this economic loss by storm-proofing your facility. Batteries Plus has the solutions you need to help keep your business running during a winter storm, including UPS units, surge protectors, emergency lighting and more. Here is a small preview of the many emergency products we have on hand.

UPS Units

It's very common for winter storms to knock out power. When that happens, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) is your business' best friend. UPS units provide valuable backup power if the electricity goes out, allowing your vital computer and phone systems to continue functioning. A UPS also actively filters electricity to protect against flickering power and power surges.

Batteries Plus has a variety of UPS units for businesses of all sizes, including the APC Back-UPS 750VA Tower. This unit provides 410 watts of backup power and 350 Joules of surge protection. Need more power? The APC Connect Smart-UPS offers 900 watts of backup power and surge protection of up to 680 Joules. Shop our full selection of UPS units or find out more about how UPS units work.

UPS Batteries and Replacement Battery Cartridge Kits

A UPS unit won't do you much good if your batteries aren't up to date. Batteries Plus offers replacement batteries for UPS units. These top-quality replacement batteries are specifically designed and tested to meet or exceed your UPS' original manufacturer standards.

If you prefer a simpler solution, check out our selection of Replacement Battery Cartridge (RBC) Kits. RBC kits are a pre-kitted, drop-in solution designed for UPS systems. With an RBC kit, you don't have to connect the batteries manually; simply plug the cartridge into your UPS and it's ready to go. Learn more about how your business can save money and time by switching to UPS RBC kits.

Surge Protectors

In addition to the dangers mentioned above, storms can also damage computers and other delicate equipment by exposing them to power surges. That's why it's important to have surge protectors throughout your office or business facility. Surge protectors divert excess voltage to your electrical system's ground wire before it has the chance to damage your equipment. Shop our selection of surge protectors, including top sellers like the CyberPower 12 Outlet Surge Protector and the Belkin SurgePlus USB Wall MountSurge Protector.

Emergency Backup Lighting

If the power goes out at your business, you're going to want to have some emergency lighting in place to keep your facility illuminated and safe. We also offer a number of additional emergency and exit light solutions, as well as emergency lighting batteries.

Keep Emergency Supplies On Site for Employees

Heavy snowfall can cause your employees to become stranded on site. Add in a power failure and things can get dangerous. That's why it's important to have a supply kit on hand in case of a winter emergency. The government has a list of basic supplies   you can follow to help get you started. A few of the more important items include flashlights and plenty of alkaline batteries to power flashlights and radios. You also might want to keep a few portable chargers on hand to help keep cell phones running, as well as a portable jump pack to jump start employee vehicles that won't start.

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