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Why Your Business Should Switch to UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge Kits

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 10/27/2021

Man replacing a USB Replacement battery cartridge

A UPS system is an invaluable resource for your business, allowing you to continue operating during a sudden loss of power. Having a UPS system is only part of the solution though; you also need to make sure that you're regularly replacing the batteries. Batteries Plus can help make this process easier for you with our selection of replacement battery cartridge kits. Using a replacement cartridge is not only faster and more convenient than switching out the batteries manually, it may end up saving you money too. Keep reading for information on how replacement battery cartridge kits work and how to determine which one is right for your UPS system.

What is a Replacement Battery Cartridge Kit?

Replacement Battery cartridge kits (also known as RBC kits) are a pre-kitted, drop-in solution for UPS systems. The majority of UPS systems rely on several batteries at once. The cartridge is an easier solution because the batteries you need are already combined in an array that fits the system perfectly.

What are the Benefits of a Replacement Battery Cartridge Kit?

Using an RBC kit is quicker and far more convenient than replacing the batteries manually. Traditionally, you would have to obtain the individual batteries yourself and connect them to one another in parallel pairs. This can be both inconvenient and time-consuming, especially for companies with a limited number of IT professionals. Plus, if the connections aren't correct, it could potentially damage your UPS system or cause it to fail when the power goes out. With an RBC kit, there's no complicated connections to worry about, just plug the cartridge into your system and it's ready to go.

Also, because they are assembled in the U.S. the RBC kits available at Batteries Plus are qualified for TAA approval, meaning they are eligible for B2B sales to government offices and agencies.

What is the Cost Comparison Between Replacement Battery Cartridge Kits and SLA Batteries?

In many cases, using an RBC kit is actually cheaper than buying the equivalent batteries on your own. For instance, this BTI RBC7 replacement cartridge is the equivalent of two Duracell 12V 18ah SLA batteries. Purchasing the batteries on their own would cost you 15% more. Even better, the brands that we offer are more affordable than OEM RBC kits. For example, the BTI replacement cartridge mentioned above is 47% cheaper than the equivalent RBC kit from APC.

What are the Performance Capabilities of a Replacement Battery Cartridge Kit?

An RBC kit has the same performance capabilities and lifespan of the equivalent SLA batteries and will typically last between three and five years. They require no additional maintenance, beyond the need to replace them when your UPS alerts you that it's time.

How Do You Find the Right Replacement Battery Cartridge Kit For Your UPS System?

Your UPS system will include a list of compatible batteries. The easiest way to find this is by looking up your model number on the manufacturer's website. This should provide you with the type of cartridge you need, including the proper voltage. Then, shop our selection of replacement battery cartridges online.

Can You Recycle a Replacement Battery Cartridge Kit?

Yes, you can. Each of our RBC kits comes with a recycling guide with specific instructions on how to recycle them. In addition, Batteries Plus offers recycling services for our business customers (see below for more info).

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