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UPS Systems: The Easy Way To Back Up Your Business

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/6/2020


Storms can have a serious impact on your business. A sudden loss of power can disrupt business operations, preventing transactions from going through and cutting you off from crucial data. They can also create power surges, causing potential damage to computers, networks, servers and point-of-sale terminals.

Fortunately, you can protect your business with a UPS backup system. A UPS system—short for Uninterrupted Power Supply—provides your facility with a valuable source of backup power, so you can continue operating during a power outage. They also offer surge protection to help protect your valuable equipment.

With a new year on the way, now is the perfect time to invest in a UPS system or change out the batteries in your existing system. Batteries Plus Bulbs offers a full range of UPS solutions to fit your business needs, including new UPS systems, Duracell backup batteries, as well as Duracell rebuild kits.

Backup Systems & Surge Protectors

So you've decided to take that important step by purchasing a UPS system. Our stores carry a variety of options to fit your business’ needs. Here are three of our most popular models.

APC Back-UPS BN450M 450VA

This system provides valuable backup power for home or small businesses. It's small, lightweight and provides you with six total outlets. Four provide battery backup, while all six include power surge and lightning protection. It also has two USB charging ports, allowing you to power devices, even during a power outage.


Ideal for small office electronics, this system provides 10 separate outlets, six with battery backup, four with surge protection only. It is active PFC compatible and even prevents surges from traveling along data lines. It has an easy-to-read LCD interface and allows users to swap out batteries without having to turn the unit off.

APC Connected Smart-UPS SMC1500C

This system is perfect for those looking for a more advanced system to fit their moderate-sized business. It is ideally suited to maintain servers, point-of-sale terminals, routers, switches, hubs and other network devices.

As the first cloud-enabled UPS for distributed IT use, it provides secure, remote monitoring via a secure portal that can be accessed by any internet connected device. This allows you to receive notifications, firmware updates and monitor your power infrastructure from anywhere. It also provides eight separate outlets and features Automatic Voltage Regulation (AVR), adjusting high and low voltages to ensure that your equipment remains safe.

Replacement batteries

In order to keep your UPS operating at peak performance, it's important to keep an eye on your batteries. Most UPS batteries have a lifespan of three to five years. Many systems will alert you when it's time to change batteries, but it's a good idea to perform regular check-ups just to be sure.

Our stores carry a wide range of high-quality replacement batteries from all of the major brands, including American Power Conversion (APC), Duracell and more. Best of all, our batteries go through an extensive series of quality assurance testing, so you can buy with confidence, knowing that you're receiving nothing but the highest quality batteries.

Duracell Ultra RBC Kits

Does your current UPS system require a RBC kit? Our stores can replace these kits with Duracell Ultra batteries, allowing you to continue to use your current UPS system. Save money by extending the life of your system without having to replace it entirely.

Miscellaneous Services

In addition, our stores provide a number of useful services. Stop in to any location for advice on which UPS or battery is the best fit for your business' needs. Our stores also offer battery recycling, so drop off your spent UPS batteries on your next visit.

Too busy to keep track of your battery schedule? We can help with that too. A number of our stores offer battery installation and UPS maintenance service, providing you with a simple, worry-free way to keep your system at peak performance. Contact your local Batteries Plus Bulbs location today for more information about the services they offer.