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Save on Your Commercial Energy Costs by Switching to Lithium Batteries

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 10/13/2020

4 pack of AAA Lithium Batteries and an 8 pack or AA Lithium Batteries

Batteries play an enormous role in most business settings, powering everything from two-way radios to touchless faucets, toilets and hand sanitizer stations. Many businesses rely on alkaline as their battery of choice. Their low up-front cost makes them an attractive option. Unfortunately though, alkaline batteries need to be replaced frequently, which can end up costing you more in the long run. Here's a little secret: You can reduce your long-term energy costs significantly just by switching from alkaline to lithium batteries.

Breaking Down Cost

While it's true that lithium batteries have a higher upfront cost than their alkaline counterparts, their superior shelf life and longer life cycles end up saving you money over time. A standard lithium battery will hold its power for 20 years in storage as compared to 10 years with an alkaline battery. That translates to a much better ROI when buying in bulk.

Lithium batteries also have a higher energy density, which results in much longer life cycles. How much longer? When tested in an LED flashlight, a lithium battery will last up to seven times longer than a regular alkaline battery. A longer-lasting battery saves you both money and maintenance time, with a much better ROI. Using the example of the LED flashlight, Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries have an operating cost per hour of $1.00 versus $3.35 with an Energizer Max Alkaline battery.

Superior Performance

Still not convinced? Here are a few performance facts to keep in mind. A lithium battery's power reserve remains consistent until it is completely drained, unlike alkaline batteries whose peak power diminishes as it is used over time.

Lithium batteries also weigh roughly 33% less than alkalines and perform better in extreme temperatures. Lithium batteries can perform comfortably in temperatures ranging from -40° to 140° F. Alkaline batteries, however, require a more limited temperature range of 30° and 70° F. Temperatures over 85° F can actually shorten an alkaline battery's life cycle, while conditions below freezing can decrease its overall power.

High-Drain Devices

Lithium batteries are also better suited to high-drain devices that go through power at a rapid rate. Some common high-drain business applications include: security locks, flashlights, microphones, two-way radios, medical devices, handheld scanners, smoke detectors, as well as hands-free hand sanitizers/air fresheners, sinks, toilets and paper towel dispensers.

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