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Batteries Plus' Inventory Remains Strong Despite Supply Chain Challenges

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 12/2/2021

Shelves of SLA batteries

As anyone in business is well aware, industries continue to face a number of supply chain challenges, including material shortages and long shipping delays. If your business is struggling to get what you need, we have some good news. Our stores are stocked with an abundant supply of the energy and lighting solutions you rely on. Whether you're a regular business customer or someone who has never done business with us before, Batteries Plus has the inventory to provide you with what you need. Here are some of the many items we offer.

SLA Batteries

Sealed lead acid batteries are used to power a wide array of industrial applications. Learn which type of SLA battery is right for your needs, then shop our selection of SLA batteries for emergency lighting, industrial scrubbers, data centers, server banks, emergency medical equipment, wheelchairs, alarm systems and more.

Replacement Battery Cartridge Kits

Replacement battery cartridge (RBC) kits are a convenient, affordable power source for UPS backup units. Rather than having to purchase and connect a number of SLA batteries on your own, an RBC kit comes pre-kitted and ready to connect right out of the package. Simply connect it to your UPS unit and you're ready to go. Many RBC kits are actually cheaper than buying the equivalent batteries on your own. Learn more about "Why Your Business Should Switch to UPS Replacement Battery Cartridge Kits."

Alkaline & Duracell® Procell Batteries

We offer high-quality alkaline batteries from trusted brands like Werker®, Duracell® and Rayovac®. Are you looking to get the best possible ROI on your alkaline batteries? Duracell® Procell Constant and Procell Intense alkaline batteries are specifically engineered to provide long-lasting power for professional applications and are perfect for use in security cameras, keypads, flashlights, blood pressure monitors, glucometers, smoke/carbon monoxide detectors and touchless faucets, toilets and hand sanitizer dispensers.

Battery Packs

We offer brand name batteries for cordless tools, along with our own line of replacement solutions that are built to meet or surpass OEM specifications. Need a custom battery pack made to fit your specifications? We can handle that too.

Lighting Solutions

Whether you're lighting an office, a warehouse or a school gymnasium, we have the bulbs, ballasts and fixtures you need to make it happen. Here are some of our top selling lighting items.

  • Color and Wattage Selectable Panels
  • Color Selectable Wafer Downlights
  • 45W 5000K Wall Packs
  • 50W 4000K 2x4 Panels
  • Werker 4 Ft. Shop Lights

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