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How to Enjoy Spring Activities During COVID

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/21/2021

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The start of summer is a welcome relief after a very difficult year. One of the safest things you can do is get outside. That means lots of golfing, boating and hitting the highways on your motorcycle. As you make plans for summer, Batteries Plus is here to provide you with the batteries, lighting and chargers you need to make the most of the warm weather.

Boating - Find Boat Batteries & Chargers at Batteries Plus

Whether you're cruising the waves with family, or heading out for a day of quiet fishing, boating is the perfect way to experience everything summer has to offer. Before you get out on the water though, be sure that your battery is up to the task.

Boats typically have different types of batteries on board in order to power different applications. Starting batteries provide an initial burst of power needed to turn over your boat's engine, while a deep cycle battery is necessary to power additional electrical applications such as fish finders, trolling motors and running lights. You can also opt for a dual-purpose battery that performs the functions of both a starting and deep cycle battery.

Learn how to pick the best battery for your boat. Then, shop our selection of starting, deep cycle and dual purpose batteries. You'll also want to be sure to have a quality marine charger on hand to maintain your battery. Plus, check out our recommendations for the best boating accessories.

Stock up on Personal Watercraft Batteries & Chargers

Watercraft rely on either conventional flooded, AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) or lithium iron phosphate powersport batteries. Conventional flooded batteries are the more affordable option, but while an AGM option will cost you more upfront, it will last longer, charge faster and stand up better to vibration and temperature extremes. Lithium batteries are a step above AGM batteries. The X2Power lithium battery is the safest, lightest and fastest powersport battery on the market, and it's only available at Batteries Plus. Learn more about how lithium batteries compare to lead acid batteries.

Shop our selection of watercraft batteries online. While some watercraft models can use either battery type, others are built to accept only one, so be certain to check your owner's manual for your craft's battery requirements. For all powersport batteries, proper charging is key, so be sure you have a watercraft charger on hand that matches your battery type and voltage.

ATVs, UTVs & Motorcycles - Batteries, Chargers & Headlight Bulbs

Just like with watercraft, ATVs, UTVs and motorcycles also rely on powersport batteries, including flooded, AGM and lithium iron phosphate. Find the best battery for your UTV or brush up on your ATV battery basics.

As always, regular maintenance is important, so be sure to pick up a ATV/UTV charger or motorcycle charger. Have a burned out headlight? Pick up a replacement ATV, UTV or motorcycle headlight bulb.

Golf Carts - Find Your Batteries, Chargers & Headlight Bulbs

Golf carts run on deep cycle batteries engineered to provide a continuous source of power over a longer period of time. When replacing one, you'll want to pay particular attention to your battery's voltage. Golf cart batteries are available in 6, 8 or 12 volts, with an average cart requiring four to six batteries in order to operate. When you have a bad battery in your cart, it's a good idea to replace all of your batteries at once. Your cart is only as strong as your weakest battery and if you have one bad battery, the performance of your cart will suffer.

Golf cart batteries are available in flooded, AGM and lithium options. AGM costs more than flooded, but provides an overall better performance. Lithium is the best option available, providing all of the additional benefits mentioned in the sections above. We also carry golf cart battery chargers and halogen-based replacement bulbs. Check your owner's manual for details on what size bulbs your cart accepts, then enter the part number into our site. Some common bulb sizes are H4, H11 and H84.

Looking for additional information on how to care for your cart? Learn how to find the right battery for your cart and check out our top golf cart accessories.

Batteries Plus is Your Summer Vehicle Headquarters

No matter what type of outdoor activity you enjoy, Batteries Plus has the power and lighting solutions you need to help make it happen. Shop online or visit your nearest location. Our associates will be happy to answer your questions and help you find the right solution for your particular needs.

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