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Off-Road Ready: What is the Best Battery For Your Side-by-Side UTV?

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 8/25/2020

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UTVs (short for Utility Task Vehicle) are becoming more and more popular on trails, farms and hunting trips. Their powerful engines make them ideal for hauling and towing, while their ability to carry additional passengers make them a more comfortable alternative to ATVS. Whether you use your UTV for hauling, hunting or just for fun, we’ve got the best batteries to help you get the most out of your UTV.

Which is Better: ATV or UTV?

UTVs are often compared to ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), but while both are useful for off-road riding, they are very different vehicles with their own unique strengths. ATVs feature three or four wheels, handlebar steering and accommodate a single rider in a straddle position. ATVs are smaller, faster and more maneuverable than UTVs, making them great for racing, trail riding and other recreational use. They’re also much more affordable.

UTVs are side-by-side vehicles that feature four to six wheels with bench or bucket seating that can accommodate up to six passengers. They feature additional safety features like seatbelts, a roll bar or cage, as well as optional front and rear windshields. UTVs have bigger engines than ATVS, with bigger payloads and greater towing capacity, making them ideal for hauling things like firewood and farm supplies. This additional space capacity also makes them a great resource for hunting trips, allowing you to haul gear, negotiate rough terrain and transport deer and other game.

What is the Best UTV Battery?

When it comes to selecting the right battery for your side-by-side UTV, there are a number of factors to consider. One of the most important is resistance to vibration. Rough terrain can put a real strain on your battery, so it’s wise to choose one designed to stand up to the demands of off-road travel.

Our top choice is the Duracell Ultra AGM Black Case battery. This high-performance utility vehicle battery is built with pure calcium-lead plates that provide extended-reserve power to help power additional accessories like winches and plows. It is also highly resistant to vibration and high temperatures, and requires no maintenance, making it an easy, reliable choice. Plus, it comes with a 24-month free replacement warranty.

The Xtreme AGM Powersport Battery is another solid UTV option. This AGM battery requires no maintenance once it has been activated and sealed by one of our associates. It is also resistant to vibration and features a 12-month warranty.

If you’re looking for something more cost-effective, you can always opt for a lead acid battery. The Xtreme High Performance Powersport Battery is a good fit for UTVs. It features a special lead alloy that helps to reduce self-discharge and maximize your starting power. It also comes with a 6-month replacement warranty.

It’s important to note that while lead acid batteries will save you some money upfront, they require more maintenance than the AGM batteries mentioned above. That means regularly checking the electrolyte in the battery and topping it off with distilled or deionized water when it gets low. Failure to do so will cause the lead plates inside to deteriorate, seriously shortening the lifecycle of your battery.

As you can see, your choice of battery can play an important role in your UTV’s performance. If you’re looking for additional options, browse our selection of UTV batteries online, or visit your nearest Batteries Plus Bulbs location. Our associates will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in finding a battery that fits your off-road needs.