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What is the Best Battery for Your UTV?

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 8/3/2022

driving through a wooded area in a UTV

UTVs (short for Utility Task Vehicles, also known as side-by-sides) are becoming more and more popular on trails, farms and hunting trips. Their powerful engines make them ideal for hauling and towing, while their ability to carry additional passengers make them a more comfortable alternative to ATVs. Whether you use your UTV for hauling, hunting or just for fun, we've got the best batteries to help you maximize its performance.

What is the Difference Between an ATV and a UTV?

UTVs are often compared to ATVs (All-Terrain Vehicles), but while both are useful for off-road riding, they are very different vehicles with their own unique strengths. Here are the key differences.


  • Feature 3 or 4 wheels, handlebar steering & accommodate a single rider in a straddle position
  • Smaller, faster & more maneuverable than UTVs
  • Cost less than a UTV
  • Typically used for racing, trailing riding & recreational use


  • Side-by-side vehicles with 4 to 6 wheels and bench or bucket seating that can accommodate up to 6 passengers
  • Contain additional safety features like seat belts, a roll bar or cage, plus optional front & rear windshields
  • Have bigger engines than ATVs, with bigger payloads & greater towing capacity
  • Typically used for hauling, transportation and hunting trips

What is the Best UTV Battery?

UTVs rely on powersport batteries like those used in motorcycles and snowmobiles. The majority of UTVs will require a 12 volt battery. The size of battery you need will depend upon the specific make and model of your UTV. There are also several different battery chemistries to choose from, which are outlined below. Check your owner's manual for guidance on what type of batteries your UTV accepts.


  • The most affordable option
  • Shortest lifespan - will not last as long as an AGM or lithium battery
  • Maintenance required - plates must be topped off periodically with distilled water


  • More costly than a flooded battery - will typically save you money over the course of the battery's life
  • Longer lifespan - lasts 2-3X as long as flooded batteries
  • Maintenance free - completely sealed & spill-proof
  • Higher voltage output - provides more energy than flooded batteries for more reliable vehicle starting
  • Faster charging than flooded batteries
  • Lower self-discharging rates - holds its charge for longer in storage
  • More resistant to vibrations and extreme weather

Lithium Iron Phosphate

  • Highest upfront cost - will most likely save you money in the long term due to lithium's longer lifespan
  • Enhanced cycle life - lasts over 2,000 cycles
  • Maintenance free - completely sealed & spill-proof
  • Highest voltage output - provides more energy than flooded or AGM batteries
  • Faster charging - recharges 2X faster than lead acid batteries
  • Lowest self-discharge rate - holds onto its charge for much longer than flooded & AGM batteries, making it perfect for seasonal applications
  • Ultra lightweight - over 2X lighter than lead acid equivalents

Shop Batteries Plus for Your UTV Battery Needs

As you can see, your choice of battery can play an important role in your UTV's performance. Browse our selection of UTV batteries online, or visit your nearest Batteries Plus location. Our associates will be happy to answer your questions and assist you in finding a battery that fits your off-road needs.

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