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Batteries Plus Can Help You Power a Cleaner, Safer Facility

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 6/23/2022

Rubbing hands together after getting sanitizer from touchless dispenser

COVID challenged the way we think about employee interaction, revealing just how easily germs can be spread throughout work facilities. To combat this, many administrators have turned to hands-free sinks, hand sanitizer stations and other touchless technology. If you're looking to implement touch-free solutions into your office, school or retail space, Batteries Plus can help. Our experts can assist you in creating a safer, more sanitary environment, while providing you with the batteries you need to help keep it powered.

How to Make Your Facility Touch-Free

Hands-free is the new normal at workplaces and schools throughout the country, with touchless technology becoming standard equipment in bathrooms, shared areas and kitchens. Some of the more common applications include hands-free faucets, toilets and paper towel dispensers in bathrooms, as well as hand sanitizer stations positioned throughout the building. Looking for ways to make your facility safer? Visit our touchless environment site for suggestions on how to incorporate touch-free solutions into your facility.

What is the Future of Touchless Technology?

Touchless solutions are poised to become even more common in the future, with a number of new technologies on the horizon. One of the more interesting innovations in development involves contactless pathways that enable individuals to pass through facilities without ever having to touch a door knob. There are also motion sensors being developed that allow shared login screens to be opened with a simple gesture. Plus, you'll also likely see a marked increase in the use of voice control and facial recognition scanners.

Find Alkaline Batteries at Batteries Plus

Touchless applications don't power themselves; they require a reliable supply of batteries to keep them going. Batteries Plus can provide you with a full selection of battery sizes, including AA, AAA, C, D, 9V or coin cell batteries to fit a wide range of applications. We carry the highest-quality alkaline batteries from trusted brands like Duracell® and Rayovac®, which are guaranteed to last 10 years in storage (or 5 years for 9-volt). Plus, we offer special industrial brands like Duracell® Procell and Rayovac® Ultra Pro which are specifically designed to last longer in professional applications.

Lithium Batteries Offer a Better Return on Investment

We also offer disposable lithium batteries, which last up to six times longer than alkaline options. Because of their exceptionally long lifespans, you won't need to replace them as often, resulting in a greater ROI. Learn more about how you can "Save on Your Commercial Energy Costs by Switching to Lithium Batteries."

Take Advantage of Your Own Dedicated Advisor

Batteries Plus provides more than just high-quality batteries; we also offer a number of time and money-saving perks through our free business account program. After partnering with us, you'll be paired with a dedicated expert who can advise you on the best ways to implement touchless technology into your facility. Your advisor will also tour your building, either in person or online, to help identify areas where you can save money and maintenance time by using power and lighting more efficiently.

Batteries Plus Offers Volume Pricing, Recycling Services and More

As a Batteries Plus business customer, you'll also receive discounted pricing on thousands of battery and lighting solutions, including batteries for laptops, tablets and UPS units, maintenance equipment such as lawn care equipment and scrubber/sweepers, as well as light bulbs, ballasts and exit/emergency lighting. Plus, our stores will test any battery you have, free of charge. We also offer cell phone repair, tablet repair and laptop battery replacement service. In addition, your business can take advantage of our other perks such as fast, local delivery, tailored service options and battery and light bulb recycling. Why wait? Sign up today   and start saving.

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