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Commercial Battery Recycling: How and Why You Should Do It

For Professionals - by Bill Petherbridge - updated on 9/5/2023

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Commercial battery recycling is an incredibly useful and valuable resource for businesses to help remove their old batteries. However, it is far too often ignored or unrecognized by the organizations that would benefit directly from it. The practice of recycling can help your business set good habits that can have a positive impact on your customers' experience and, potentially, your bottom line.

Not only does regularly utilizing light bulb recycling services have positive effects on your business, but it can also protect the environment   – another easy way to boost your organization's reputation. Consumers often look more favorably on businesses that employ "green" efforts where possible, which can make all the difference between them choosing to work with your company over a nearby rival.

Properly recycling used light bulbs and batteries does not take much more effort than simply throwing them in the trash, but the benefits are much more impactful. It's an incredibly simple way for you to boost your brand image in your community, and overall environmental health. It also limits the hazards and reduces clutter that could appear from storing old batteries and lighting.

Our trained team of experts can walk you through how to recycle used light bulbs and batteries. Since we have a national presence with over 700 locations across the country, we can also direct you to a nearby Batteries Plus store that can provide these commercial battery recycling   services, along with the replacement batteries and bulbs that you need.

What Are the Benefits of Recycling Lighting Products?

As we mentioned earlier, recycling light bulbs can result in several positive impacts on your business performance and the environmental health of your community. Failing to dispose of batteries and light bulbs in the correct way can release harmful chemicals and create unintended negative consequences. Organizations should check local regulations along with reviewing the universal waste rule to ensure they are not illegally throwing away their specific kinds of batteries.

For example, certain kinds of light bulbs contain elements like mercury or phosphor. While they are harmless when contained within a lighting solution, they can quickly become a problem if the light bulb is destroyed at a landfill like the rest of our trash is. These elements can seep into our soil or water and have toxic effects on people who consume things grown in the soil or collected from the groundwater.

If used light bulbs are thrown into the trash regularly, the harmful effects of their disposal at landfills can emerge very quickly. As much as two-thirds of US household waste is incinerated or disposed of in landfills – where the toxic waste can accumulate without much help in stopping it. Recycling helps keep harmful substances out of the environment and helps reduce carbon emissions by reusing valuable components.

How We Help with Battery Recycling

At Batteries Plus, we are proud to supply our Business account members with comprehensive recycling services for their used lighting products. Depending on the state and local regulations that affect your closest Batteries Plus store, the type of batteries, light bulbs, and other lighting fixtures that we accept can vary, as well as the cost associated with recycling them. If you don't know if your specific lighting products are eligible to be recycled, visit our website or contact your nearest Batteries Plus store where one of our team members can answer your questions and help you through the process.

If you are unsure of how to remove a battery, light bulb, or other lighting material without potentially damaging it and releasing the potentially damaging elements inside, contact your nearest Batteries Plus location. Our outstanding lighting solutions and recycling services are just part of what has helped make Batteries Plus a go-to destination for business owners' lighting needs.

Have more questions about our recycling services and how they benefit your business? Learn more about what a Batteries Plus Business account   can do for your organization today!

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