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How to Outsmart Locksmiths: Keep a Duplicate Car Key

Tech - by Rachael Maloney - updated on 9/7/2018

Keep a Duplicate Car Key

Prevention is key. Get it... key. Bad puns aside, most of us never think about the importance of having an extra car key until it's too late. What will happen if you lock your keys in the car, your car key gets damaged, or they decide to play an unwelcome game of hide-and-seek? You'll be forced to pay the high cost of a locksmith, a tow truck, or even a new car window. The best way to avoid this? Keep a duplicate car key.

Benefits of Keeping A Duplicate Key

Never Be Locked Out of Your Car

This one speaks for itself. Lockouts are awful and unfortunately extremely common. Keep a duplicate car key in a place that will be easy to get to when you need it most; such as at your home, with a friend or family member, or at work.

It Can Help Prevent Damage

Over time and use, keys will begin to wear. When keys begin to degrade they become more prone to damage and can even inflict damage on the lock. We recommend keeping a duplicate key and switching use between the two to prevent damage and extend the life of your keys and lock.

It's Convenient for Shared Vehicles

If your vehicle is used by more than one person, it's convenient to provide each driver with a key. This helps to avoid passing the key back and forth; which not only saves time, it also lowers the chance of it getting lost or damaged, and it ensures you have a spare should you ever get locked out.

Avoiding the Cost During the Selling or Trade-in Process

If you decide to sell your vehicle privately or trade it in to a dealership, you will be asked for a duplicate key. If you already have one, you’ll avoid any inflated costs the dealership will charge.

How do I get a spare key for my car?

Visit your local Batteries Plus Bulbs. We can cut duplicate car keys, replace and program key fobs, and have every battery you may need for your car's keyless entry remote.* We will make sure you’re getting the right service, in our store, with a quick turnaround.

*For most makes and models, at select locations.