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Batteries Plus Offers Expert Car Battery Installation

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 3/8/2024

Worker installing a battery into a vehicle

Nothing is worse than hopping in the car to head off to work and finding yourself stuck with a dead battery. Such a small event can ruin the whole day. You're already going to be late for wherever you were heading so what now? Luckily, you have a handy X2Power lithium jump starter and can quickly jump the battery and get on the road. To make sure this doesn't happen again, follow these quick and easy steps to have a new battery installed today.

Step 1: Have Your Battery Tested

Your first stop should be to your nearest Batteries Plus! Our in-store battery experts will test your battery for you, free of charge, to see if a replacement battery is in order.

You can test your car battery yourself, I have faith in you, but you should trust the experts at your local Batteries Plus to do this for you. We have the professional equipment necessary and will be able to test it while simultaneously applying a load on the battery, mimicking a real-world driving experience to determine if the battery is truly on its way out.

Step 2: Pick Your Replacement Battery

If you get the news that a new car battery is what you need, here at Batteries Plus you'll find the highest quality battery options from trusted brands like Duracell Ultra and our premium, exclusive brand X2Power. Whether you're looking for an AGM battery or a traditional flooded option, we have you covered.

It's easy to find the right battery for your car online. Simply input your Year, Make and Model, license plate number or VIN and you'll be given a selection of batteries compatible with your vehicle. Don't feel like shopping online? No problem, the experts in your nearest Batteries Plus will be happy to help you find what you need face-to-face.

Step 3: Choose Expert Truck & Car Battery Installation

Our expert car battery installation is available at most locations and on most vehicles. Fees may vary from location to location or the difficulty of the installation. After selecting the battery of your choice, you'll be given the option to select "Expert Install" under "Pickup In-Store". Check the box to take advantage of our expert car battery replacement service. Contact your nearest store for more information if your vehicle does not display the "Expert Install" option.

Step 4: Schedule Your Arrival Time

We've made it even easier to take advantage of our car battery replacement service by scheduling your arrival time online. Select "Expert Install", then "Add to Cart." On the checkout screen, you'll be prompted to select an arrival time for your battery installation. Pick the best day and time for you, and we'll see you then.

Additional Auto Products & Services

We offer more for your vehicle than just batteries. Check out our selection of auto headlights, brake lights and interior light bulbs, windshield wiper blades and more. Need a new key for your car or truck? We can cut one for you onsite. We also offer key fob programming and key fob battery replacement services. Stop in for same-day service on a new flip key, Fobik, smart remote or other car key remote. Visit your nearest Batteries Plus location for all your auto needs.

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