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Is It Dangerous to Use a Cell Phone with a Cracked Screen?

Batteries Plus Blog - Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 1/7/2021

Phone with a cracked and damaged screen

A recent survey   found that one in three Americans had broken their phone within the past year. If you're one of those unlucky people, you may be wondering, is it safe to use a cell phone with a cracked screen? Keep reading to learn about the dangers of using a broken phone, why you shouldn’t attempt to repair it yourself and how Batteries Plus can help.

Why You Shouldn't Keep Using a Phone with a Cracked Screen

Using a phone with a cracked screen is dangerous. For starters, the broken glass can cut your fingers. A broken screen also makes it much easier for water or other particles to get inside of your phone, which can end up causing even more damage.

Why You Shouldn't Try to Repair Your Phone Yourself

Look online and you'll find all kinds of quick-fix repair ideas. Two of the most common involve using nail polish or toothpaste to seal up a broken screen. While this might sound good on paper, applying any foreign substance to a cracked screen is a bad idea. First off, if the substance leaks through, it can damage the delicate layers of your phone’s screen assembly.

Amateur screen repairs can also interfere with your screen's touch screen sensitivity. Touch screens act as an electrical grid that can sense where your finger is placed. Adding an additional substance to the cracks in the glass can disrupt this grid and cause touch issues. Your best bet is to avoid DIY fixes altogether and have your screen replaced by a professional.

How do You Fix a Cracked Phone Screen?

The technicians at our in-store We Fix It shop make it easy to get your broken screen fixed. A cell phone screen replacement begins by opening the phone and removing the screen. There are components on the screen that will be transferred from the original phone to the new screen assembly. Afterwards, the device is reassembled with the new screen and then closed back up. Depending on the brand and model of your phone, a screen repair typically takes between 30 minutes and one hour to complete.

The technicians in your local Batteries Plus are certified experts who tackle a range of additional repair services, including fixes for broken cameras, charging ports, buttons and jacks, as well as cell phone battery replacement. Pricing varies by service, brand and model, so visit us online for pricing specifics. Visit Batteries Plus for all of your cell phone repair needs. With over 700+ locations throughout the U.S., it's easy to take care of that broken iPhone screen or other repair you’ve been putting off.

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