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Should I Buy A Glass Repair Kit For My Phone?

Tech - by Joe Weber - updated on 7/12/2022

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Your phone rings as you are out enjoying a night on the town and as you are going to answer it you drop your phone on the sidewalk. You panic as you bend down to pick it up and, to much dismay, the screen shattered when it hit the ground and needs to be fixed. What do you do? Screen repairs can be costly. You could fix it yourself and save some money but where to start? DIY kits have grown in popularity over the years because it's an inexpensive way to replace broken parts on your phone. But is it worth the risk? You could damage your phone even more if you are not careful, and even if you follow the directions perfectly you could still end up with a sub-par fix.

What Is a DIY Phone Screen Repair?

DIY cell phone repair kits can be purchased online from many retailers and cell phone manufacturers so you can repair a broken screen, charge port or other parts on your smartphone in your own home. They range in price from $20 to upwards of $300 depending on where you purchase the kit from and what's included.

Most DIY repair kits come with all of the tools you need (screwdrivers, prying tools, suction cups and adhesives) to repair your phone at home. Some retailers and manufacturers, like Apple, will have you rent the necessary equipment needed to complete the job in order to ensure a successful repair and have you send it back when the repair is finished. This is the same equipment that they use in their repair centers and this equipment is very large and heavy, weighing close to 80 pounds, but is a necessary tool in successfully repairing your phone. Many phones on the market are water-resistant. These rented tools from phone manufacturers help ensure a quality seal to keep the phone water-resistant after the repair. Most of the cheaper DIY kits that you can purchase have you use the pressure from your hands to press the screen into the adhesive, not always guaranteeing a quality water-tight seal.

Do Phone Crack Repair Kits Work?

Some of the repairs require intense concentration and have very small parts that are easily lost or broken. Depending on the kit, you may or may not receive quality instructions and may need to rely on services like YouTube for walkthroughs on how to complete your repair. It is very easy to damage additional components of the device when attempting to repair your broken screen which will add more repairs that need to be completed to bring the phone back to working condition.

For the technologically savvy consumer, a DIY kit may be a great option for a cheaper fix for a damaged phone. For the average person, however, this task can be daunting and cause more stress than you need in your life. Especially when you take into consideration the cost of additional repairs or replacing the phone if something goes wrong.

Should I Repair My Own Phone Screen?

The simple answer is, no. Repairs on your cell phone should be left to the experts to guarantee that your phone is brought back to life successfully. Considering the cost of a new iPhone or Galaxy, the cost of a professional repair is considerably cheaper than having to replace your phone if the at-home repair goes wrong. The WISE-certified expert repair technicians at participating Batteries Plus locations will repair your device quickly with high-quality parts. All of our repairs come with a nationwide 6-month warranty to guarantee that your phone or tablet will be repaired to your satisfaction.

For a little more peace of mind for our Samsung users; Batteries Plus is part of the Samsung Independent Service Provider program. That means that when you bring in your Samsung phone to a Batteries Plus store for repair, it is repaired using genuine Samsung equipment and parts at participating locations when parts are available.

Repair Services at Batteries Plus

Schedule your repair appointment online today, or stop into your local Batteries Plus location. We offer a variety of smartphone repairs including battery replacement, screen repair, and other repairs for back glass, cameras, charge ports, speakers and headphone jacks.

Learn more about Batteries Plus joining the Samsung Independent Service Provider program by reading our blog article, "Batteries Plus is Now a Samsung Independent Service Provider." Check out our blog article entitled "What is WISE Certification and What Does It Mean for Cell Phone Repair?" to learn more about what it means to have WISE-certified technicians.

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