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What are Some Factors That Impact Cell Phone Repair Costs?

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 5/27/2021

Phone with a broken screen being held

You're texting your friend that you're on your way when the phone slips out of your hand and lands facedown on the street. Sometimes a single clumsy moment is all it takes to damage your phone. When that happens you can save yourself the cost of replacing it, by having your phone repaired at Batteries Plus. If you've never had a phone repaired before, you probably have questions. Find out how much it costs to have your phone fixed at Batteries Plus and what factors influence how much you'll pay.

Your Phone Model Determines How Much it Will Cost to Repair

The technicians at your local Batteries Plus repair phones from all major brands, including Apple, Samsung, Motorola, LG and Google. Here are a few factors that influence how much it will cost to repair your phone.

  • For some repairs, pricing will vary by your phone's brand and model.
  • New phone models tend to be more expensive to fix.
  • As phone models age, the cost of repairs typically decrease.
  • If you have a particularly old phone, it's a good idea to contact your nearest Batteries Plus store to make sure they have the parts necessary to fix it.

What are the Most & Least Expensive Things to Fix on a Phone?

Phone screens and back glass are typically the most expensive repairs, although this will depend partially on what model phone you have and the severity of the damage. Most iPhone screen repairs at Batteries Plus cost between $79.99 and $399.99, while a Samsung Galaxy screen repair ranges from $189.99 to $399.99.

One of the most cost effective expensive repairs that we offer is a battery replacement. Replacing your phone's battery typically costs less than $70 and will extend the life of your phone for another couple of years, saving you the cost of replacement.

Why Should You have Your Phone Fixed at Batteries Plus?

For starters, our repair technicians are certified according to the Cellular Telecommunications and Internet Association's (CTIA) WISE certification program. In order to be certified under the Wireless Industry Service Excellence program, all technicians must pass both an online training course and a hands-on repair skills test in order to receive this certification.

We also back up our work with a 6-month warranty on all parts and labor. If something is wrong after you leave the store, bring it into any one of our 700+ locations nationwide and we'll make it right.

Batteries Plus is a Samsung Independent Service Provider

If you have a Samsung phone, we have some other great news! Batteries Plus is the first partner in Samsung's new Independent Service Provider program. That means that when you bring your Samsung phone to Batteries Plus, our experts will repair it with genuine Samsung parts using Samsung-provided tools and equipment. You'll be getting the best possible repairs using parts that are manufactured and authorized by Samsung itself.

Book Your Cell Repair Appointment at Batteries Plus Online

Want to take care of that Samsung or iPhone repair you've been putting off? Find your nearest Batteries Plus location. Then, book your appointment online. This will help cut down on delays and make sure the tech has everything he or she needs to perform your repair as quickly as possible.

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