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We've Got This! Finding those Hard-to-Find Products.

For Professionals - by Mary Williams - updated on 2/4/2019

Collection of different types of light bulbs

Business customers find that the replacement batteries and bulbs they thought would be impossible to find maybe aren't so hard to find after all. With the help of their dedicated sales rep, many of the items they need are only a click away, and stocked locally for quick delivery.

Hard-to-Find Battery Replacement

Take hospitals, doctors' offices and assisted living facilities, for example. Battery-powered equipment like wheelchairs, hearing aids, generators and other equipment require battery power that's not easily found at a big box store. With a Batteries Plus Bulbs business account, your sales rep will not only assess the needs of your company, but they will make sure that you have the appropriate back-up stock to ensure seamless operation with zero interruption to patient care. Check our site to find a huge selection of the batteries you need.

Light Bulb & Fixture Replacement

Property and facilities managers understand that having the right bulbs and fixtures is important for safety and security, not to mention building and room aesthetics. Finding replacement bulbs for commercial lighting fixtures is our specialty. Get in touch with your sales rep to schedule a free on-site needs assessment. They will do a thorough walk-through and share ideas about how to better light your space and how to get the most for your money. And when the need for a tricky bulb replacement comes up, your rep is there to help with the order, get it to you quickly and get you back to work. Check out our selection of everyday and harder-to-find light bulbs.

Don't have a business account? Let's fix that.

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