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Why You Should Rely on Batteries Plus for Your Generator Service Essentials

For Professionals - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 4/28/2023

Green backup generator near the power boxes

As a generator service provider, businesses rely on you to keep their backup systems up and running. That means having the right battery available when you need it, without costly delays. At Batteries Plus, we carry the highest quality replacement batteries for generators made by Generac, Kohler and all other major manufacturers. Here's a brief look at everything Batteries Plus can do for you.

Batteries Plus Offers Top Generator Battery Solutions

Here are some of our top battery offerings for generators:

How Batteries Plus Helps Make Your Job Easier

At Batteries Plus, we fully understand the unique challenges facing generator service professionals. Here are a few of the ways in which we work to help make your job easier.

Problem: Does your vendor offer poor-quality batteries with limited battery life?
Our Solution: We offer only high-quality batteries from trusted brands like Duracell that are made in the USA.

Problem: Do you often receive batteries that are not fully charged?
Our Solution: We maintain our batteries daily at our local stores, so they are always fully charged when we deliver them.

Problem: Does your current vendor not provide core recycling?
Our Solution: Batteries Plus not only recycles battery cores, but most stores will also pick them up from your facility.

Problem: Are you currently receiving batteries without handles?
Our Solution: All of our batteries have handles for easy transportation.

Problem: Does your vendor require multiple days of lead time when ordering product?
Our Solution: Batteries Plus has over 700 locations nationwide with thousands of batteries on hand for immediate pickup or delivery. We also have our own distribution center that houses significant backstock that can be drop-shipped, if needed.

Problem: Does your vendor run out of crucial batteries at peak times of the year?
Our Solution: Batteries Plus can stock what you need at our stores and deliver what you need in a timely manner.

Problem: Are you lacking a local partner that can help service warranties or assist you with other issues?
Our Solution: Between your dedicated personal account representative and over 700 locations, there's always someone available to service and support your business every day of the week.

Batteries Plus Offers Additional Solutions for Generator Service Professionals

At Batteries Plus, we can provide you with additional services and solutions, including:

  • Battery maintainers to keep your batteries fully charged
  • Free auto battery testing for service vehicles
  • Free auto battery installation (available at participating locations, on most vehicle makes & models)
  • Key cutting & key fob replacement service for service vehicles (available at participating locations only)

Unlock Additional Perks By Signing Up for a Free Business Account

If you'd like to take advantage of everything Batteries Plus has to offer, why not sign up for a free business account  ? Once you do, you'll receive additional benefits, including volume discount pricing, local delivery, access to your own dedicated personal account representative and more.

If your company has multiple locations throughout the United States, our National Accounts division   can help you reduce costs, increase your spend influence and improve your procurement agility.

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