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Spring is in full swing: Commercial Fleet Batteries and More

For Professionals - by Elizabeth Seigle - updated on 4/20/2023

Parked Fleet of Semi trucks

At Batteries Plus, we offer an expansive catalog of products and services to provide our customers with power solutions for all their equipment, lighting, and devices. From fleet batteries to replacement bulbs for headlights and signal lights and everything in between, we'll ensure all your business' power needs are addressed and solved.

It's time to take stock of your fleet, maintenance, and outdoor machines to ensure your commercial equipment is ready to go. You'll want to check all parts and motors and consider battery and lamp replacements. When these machines stall or won't start at all, it's not only an inconvenience, but it can cause additional strain on your business. No one wants to experience unexpected downtime and increased costs associated with towing, repairs, and service, not to mention equipment rental costs in the interim.

We make it easy to stay on top of prepping your equipment for the warmer weather ahead. We're able to access over 25,000 specialty batteries and 15,000 lighting products for all your business applications, including car and truck batteries, heavy equipment batteries, lighting products, cordless tool batteries, and much more.

We understand your business has unique needs: we'll put our knowledge to work for you with our vast offering of power solutions.

Battery Solutions for Your Fleet

Temperature fluctuations can affect the batteries of your business fleet more than you realize. Colder temperatures can cause batteries to lose a significant amount of power when temperatures drop below 0℉, making it harder for vehicles to start and perform, while increasing failure rates.

On the other hand, warmer temperatures can also take their toll on vehicle batteries. Too high of a temperature can evaporate the water out of your battery's electrolyte, causing the plates to sulfate and/or warp, compounding to lowered overall capacity, longer charging times, and compromised performance, all leading to a massive decrease in overall service life (sometimes by as much as half).

Break the cycle of constantly replacing your fleet's batteries with Batteries Plus. We can help you find the perfect battery for every vehicle in your fleet while saving you time and money. We stock a number of high-performance and high-quality battery solutions   from the most trusted brands on the market, like Duracell Ultra SLI batteries and AGM brands (Duracell Ultra AGM and X2Power) to provide you with more power and cranking amps, resulting in longer life cycles and greater resistance to temperature fluctuations.

Plus, you can find other essentials for your service vehicles at our stores, whether you need fuses, headlight/brake lamps, windshield wiper blades, battery chargers, jumper cables, and jump starters, or want to use any of our available vehicle services.

Most of our locations offer auto services such as:

  • Free battery testing
  • Free installation with the purchase of a new battery (available at participating locations, on most vehicle makes and models)
  • Key cutting and key fob replacement (Available at participating locations only)
  • Battery and light bulb recycling

Lighting Solutions for Your Business

Batteries Plus is your trusted source for lamps, fixtures, ballasts, and more. We're here to help you find the perfect lighting solutions   for your business with a variety of products, while our local utility rebate assistance can help you find energy savings, and our recycling program makes getting rid of spent lamps simple.

We carry LED, halogen, fluorescent, CFL Pin-based bulbs, metal halide, and HID, as well as vehicle lamps for headlights, taillights, brake lights, overhead lights, and interior lights for many popular car and truck brands and models. We also have many commercial options to keep your business safe, including emergency exit lighting, security lights, work lights, and more. Plus, remember our outdoor lighting: our pole lights, wall packs, flood lights, and more can keep the outside of your business brightly lit. The options are virtually limitless.

Only the Best Cordless Tool Batteries

Our selection of replacement batteries for cordless tools powers all your handheld gadgets so you can be all systems go, all the time! Batteries Plus carries a wide range of manufacturers and models to fit all your power tools.

We stock the best quality batteries from the brands you trust and we can build customized battery packs (valid at participating locations only). These batteries are built using the highest grade cells for peak performance, are often compatible with a variety of models, and replace older chemistry drill packs with compatible Ah and charge rates. With many models providing hours of battery life, you'll have all the power you need to finish the job.

National Accounts Division

Does your business have many locations throughout the US? If you're buying at a national level, Batteries Plus has government-based affiliations and contracts in place   with buying groups/associations. We help commercial customers across a number of industries utilize national cooperatives to avoid having to submit bids or RFPs.

Choose Batteries Plus for your commercial power needs: we're designed to help keep your business running smoothly.

Want to see how Batteries Plus Business can help keep your business running with fleet batteries? Reach out today   to learn more about all the benefits that come with our Business account program!

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