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Top 7 Hunting & Fishing Essentials from Batteries Plus

Power - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 9/10/2021

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Saturday, September 25 is National Hunting and Fishing Day! Whether you're into hunting, fishing or both, Batteries Plus has what you need for your next outdoor adventure. Find everything from backup batteries to portable phone chargers with our Top 7 Hunting and Fishing Essentials.

1. Vehicle Batteries
A dead battery can completely ruin your trip. Before you head out to your favorite hunting or fishing spot, have your vehicle batteries tested for free at your local Batteries Plus. If you need a replacement, we have plenty of top brand batteries for your boat, ATV, UTV, and car or truck.

2. Alkaline Batteries
Be sure you have a backup supply of alkaline batteries on hand to power game calls, blood tracking lights, trail cameras, submersible fishing lights and more.

3. Lithium Coin Cell Batteries
If you have an illuminated scope on your rifle, chances are good it's powered by a lithium coin cell battery. Most brands rely on 2032 coin cell batteries.

4. Booster Cables & Jump Starters
Even if your vehicle battery is healthy, it can still be drained by extreme weather. Keeping a set of booster cables or a jump starter in your car is a great way to ensure that you'll never find yourself stranded.

5. Dog Accessories
Do you bring your dog with you during hunting trips? Batteries Plus has a number of dog accessories available, including collapsible food bowls, light-up leashes, collars and other ways to keep track of him in the dark. We also offer replacement batteries for hunting collars.

6. Flashlights, Headlamps & Other Portable Lights
A good flashlight is essential if you plan on being out after dark. The LuxPro UV Flashlight is perfect for hunters. This bright LED flashlight gives off UV light, making it perfect for tracking blood and illuminating fishing tackle. A RADIANT® LED Mini Glow Stick is another great option, allowing you to see what you're doing without spooking game or fish. Available in blue, red, white or green.

Interested in going hands-free? Read our tips on how to find the best headlamp, or shop our portable light options, including flashlights, headlamps, electric lanterns and more.

7. Portable Phone Chargers
Whether you're in the forest or out on the lake, it's important to have a cell phone on hand in case you encounter an emergency. It's also a good idea to have a portable charger on hand to help keep your battery charged. Read up on how to find the best portable charger for your phone, then shop our selection of power banks and portable chargers.

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