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ATVs for Plowing and Snow Removal

Power - by Joe Weber - updated on 10/21/2022

plowing snow with an ATV

With winter around the corner, many of us are already starting to think about the daunting task of shoveling the driveway. I have an ATV, should I get a plow for it? If you have a larger driveway it is a tempting thought. But don't go rushing into it just yet. Read our information below about plowing with an ATV before you make your decision.

Is Plowing Bad for an ATV?

The type of ATV you have should determine whether or not you should use it to plow your driveway.

Sport ATVs

Recreational ATVs built for trail riding and racing, often referred to as sport ATVs, have grown in popularity over the years. While these ATVs are fun, fast and capable, they should not be used for a strenuous activity such as snow plowing. These ATVs are designed for speed and agility, not utility work. Attaching a plow and moving heavy snow with this type of ATV is not advised and could lead to damaged ATV components.

Utility ATVs

The opposite of Sport ATVs are Utility ATVs. These ATVs are designed specifically to be workhorses and are able to handle many heavy-duty tasks around the house, farm, construction site, etc.

Utility ATVs are built for brute strength and are more durable being built using stronger materials, stronger suspension and equipped with 4-wheel drive to tackle those heavy-duty tasks. The nature of these ATVs make them ideal for plowing as they are designed to take a beating all day, every day.

Tips for the Best Plowing Experience with an ATV

Have an ATV with enough power - Your ATV should have an engine in the range of 400cc to 800cc to provide enough power to move snow. Having a larger engine also adds weight to the ATV which is a must for using your ATV in the snow.

Make sure you perform routine maintenance on your ATV - Using any vehicle in extreme cold can cause unnecessary damage if not maintained properly before use. One key thing to do before the first snowfall is to winterize your ATV. More on this below.

Measure the plow depth before you start - You don't want to damage the driveway or sidewalk underneath all of that snow. Make sure you set the plow so that you are not scraping against the surface which can also damage the plow along with your property.

Avoid very deep snow or heavy drifts - Plowing through excessively deep snow can cause added strain on the engine and plow. Deep drifts may need to be plowed at an upwards angle to take a little bit off at a time.

Be careful of hidden dangers beneath the snow - When a lot of snow falls it's easy for landscape features, curbs and kids toys to get buried. Avoid damaging your ATV or plow by making sure these things remain visible when plowing by marking them with poles or moving them to safe areas.

Plow with the contours of the driveway - Plowing with the natural contours of your driveway will make your plowing experience much easier.

Clean the ATV before storing it after a plow - After you are done plowing make sure you clean off any clumped snow, dirt, and ice before parking it. Not cleaning off after use could result in debris freezing to the ATV causing difficulty plowing the next time.

How Do I Winterize My ATV?

Preparing your ATV for winter riding is key to surviving the winter without needing any additional repairs to your ATV in the spring. Routine maintenance is extremely important throughout the year but here are a few things to look at before the first snowfall.

  • Fuel - Moisture in the fuel system can be damaging. Remove moisture in the fuel by using additives like Sta-Bil  .
  • Spark Plugs - While not necessary to change every year, if you did plan on changing them this year anyways, putting the new ones in right before winter will give you a little extra starting power in the winter.
  • Oil - Make sure you are performing regular oil changes. When winter is around the corner, top off the oil if it needs it or change the oil if it's time.
  • Tires - There really isn't much to do with your ATV tires unless you need to install tire chains or similar equipment.
  • Air Filter - Clean your air filter or replace it if needed. This is a quick and easy way to make sure your engine is getting the air it needs to operate efficiently.
  • Battery - It goes without saying that having a strong battery is important for your ATV to start every time in the cold weather. Duracell Ultra AGM batteries are designed for use in extreme temperatures and vibrations making them the perfect battery for your ATV.

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