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Top 10 Football Tailgating Essentials for Winter

Tech - by Bryan Veldboom - updated on 12/2/2022

Tailgating in winter with a camper

There's nothing better than tailgating. The combination of food, friends and fun is one of the best parts of the season. The only downside is the planning. Somebody's got to make sure there's food to eat, music to listen to and a bottle opener on hand for your favorite beverage. Need a little help? No sweat. This checklist includes everything you need to make your next game-day bash a success.

1. Portable Generators

A generator is the perfect way to power portable heaters, crockpots and electric grills.

2. Power Inverters

Don't have room for a full generator? No problem. You can run things like TVs, blenders, coffee pots and more off of the battery in your car or truck. Just be sure you use a power inverter to convert your battery's DC current to the AC current used by most appliances. Otherwise, you could end up shorting them out.

3. Portable Phone Chargers

Bringing a portable charger along is a great way to ensure your phone has enough juice for posting selfies and in-the-moment social posts.

4. Bluetooth Speakers

What's a party without the right music? A Bluetooth speaker is the perfect way to set the game day mood.

5. Rechargeable Seat Pads

Protect yourself from those cold stadium seats with a THAW Rechargeable Heated seat Pad. These devices work via a USB-C rechargeable power bank that can also be used to charge your phone or other favorite devices.

6. Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Warm up your hands on those cold winter days with a Rechargeable Hand Warmer from THAW. Features three temperature modes and easy USB-C charging. These hand warmers also double as a power bank perfect for recharging phones, tablets and more. Available in small or large sizes.

7. Flashlights

With the days getting shorter, it's smart to have a flashlight available for when the game goes late.

8. LED Drink Wraps

Keep track of your favorite drink in the dark with a light-up LED drink wrap.

9. Swiss Army Knives

A swiss army knife is perfect for opening bottles or any other unexpected needs.

10. Jump Packs

Did you end up running your auto battery down powering all of those extra applications? No problem. With a jump pack, you can jump-start your car easily without the need for a second vehicle.

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